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Post 61

Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. , 1st Knight and Protector

allot of diff areas

most tech areas but also a few language areas n all

Dragantha thuh Aila`n-Druak a Ara a Athi Oaf Mae Ani CrimsonNoire

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Post 62

DanTheMan who's cool is member of spy guild (dont read that part) not as ugly as my sister

pleas can i join

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Post 63

Dragantha the Golden Dragon .. , 1st Knight and Protector

technical things , a coupla languages and computers / networks / intranet / servers / workstations

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Post 64

Mort - a middle aged Girl Interrupted

Specialist subjects are Veterinary Nursing - extremely knowledgable on that one and also Borderline Personality Disorder (and generalised insanity)

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Post 65

Boheme of Deviantart, Pixellab, h2g2, and modblog.

Devil Sticks

Journalism (newspaper)
Mp3 acquisition
Web design
Medieval Weaponry (European and Oriental)
Amtgard sword manufacturing

I think that's it. My primary fields of expertise are the fisrt 5, with the others in unrelated fields. (WANNNA BE A JESTER MAGE!!!!! PLZ!!!)smiley - magicsmiley - jestersmiley - wizard

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Post 66

Time Traveller - Knights of h2g2 Astronomer - Chairman of the Society of Time Travellers

*walks in trailing long multi-coloured scarf*

I dont know if I qualify, I have some small knowledge.

I am well informed on:
Dimensional Theorys
Time Travel Theorys
Concepts relating to Inter-Stellar Transportation

I am not ignorant of:

And as for languages, well I get by

It would be a great honour to hold the title of Wizard. I cannot perform magic, but I can manipulate events so that it may appear that way. I await your decision.

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Post 67

rev. paperboy (god is an iron)

I well-versed in: Canadian, American and Japanese politics and history, political philosophy and theory, 20th century history, the history of World War Two (especially the role of Canada), cinema (especially of the 1930's to 1980's) 1960s pop- and counter-culture history, newspaper journalism, whiskey and whisky, beer, ice hockey, canoeing, camping and other outdoorsy stuff, cooking, jam bands, folk, bluegrass and blues music, bebop jazz,hardboiled detective novels, Ernest Hemmingway, Bob Dylan, religious philosophy, public speaking, teaching ESL, grammar, written communication (especially essays, journalism and 20th century fiction)and ....uh, that's about it.
While by no means an expert on all things Japanese, I have lived here for the last six years and have a japanese spouse, so I have ready access to information........

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Post 68


Greetings all.

World Religions
Pulic Relations
Media Literacy (why the media ruins our lives and makes it blindingly fun at the same time)
Alternative Medicine
Writing (not spelling)
Singing (a rather usless talent on the internet but oh well)

the shy Bard Wizard (jack of all trades but master of none)

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Post 69


Market Research
Industrial Music
Noise Music
CD Djing

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Post 70


Being up at stupid times in the morning

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Post 71


Hi there,
I summerbayexile wish to claim the status of wizard on the following subjects.
Collecting signed photos.
Hermione Granger.

Do I get a badge or a smiley for my personal space?smiley - laugh


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Post 72

The Infinite God Emperor and Untimely Messiah of the republic of Nog, or just Infi

useless information
philosophy-rhetoric and reasoning

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Post 73


I'm not an expert but am a smiley - nurse and midwife so have a fair depth of knowlege in those areassmiley - rainbow


Post 74


I can see there is a drop-down list of all the members of a guild, but can there be (or is there a) list of all the members with what they are a wizard _of_. So, for example, if I had a query about druids, I could scan down and see that Matholwch should be able to help me.
Or is there some other system that I don't know about? :> smiley - boing


Post 75

Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups-Spurtle-and-Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer & Zaphodista)

Computer systems of the 1980s
Paranormal research
3D graphics
Video editing
Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV shows (various)

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Post 76

Mystic Martin

The services of Mystic Martin are now available, subject to terms and conditions. (See bottom of personal space).

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Post 77

Mooing Platypus (formerly known as Gaia)

- Ancient Myths and Religions (mainly Greek, but starting to read up on Celtic stuff as well)

- Mythical Creatures (kinda ties in with the first one)

- All things Lord of the Rings and Tolkien, and most things Matrix

- A lot of other Fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff

- drawing comics

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Post 78

Mooing Platypus (formerly known as Gaia)


- making up absurd RPG storylines

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Post 79


hi i'm actuly a wiccan, which is a religion before anyone says anyithing.smiley - laugh
i also study astronomy in depth. smiley - biggrin

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Post 80


May I join, please? I am fairly to very knowledgeable about all the following:

Roguelike computer games (Nethack, Slash'EM, ADOM)
Linux system administration
Science fiction books
Baking cakes

(Do all those count?)

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