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Post 81


Oh mighty wizards, let me join your guild.
Since I was a kid, I could separate water (up to 2 litres), multiply Fish and Chips and Resurect Alive Men.

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Post 82



Music, GuideML, the ability to make Windows XP work well.

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Post 83

The Rogue aka Phoniex

My expertise is:

Being a teenager.
Fantasy Stories
Faerie Tales!

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Post 84

His Divine Shadow: ACE, Shi Alyt

Hail, I am a techno-mage, may I join, my skill is technomancy

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Post 85

Oetzi Oetztaler....Anti Apartheid

Request entry: qualification h2g2 STAR STATUS: "a hunk"

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Post 86

The Guild of Wizards

List your area of knowledge Oetzi.


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Post 87

Oetzi Oetztaler....Anti Apartheid

General female excitations of the undspeakable kind.....
E100 per hour + expenses

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Post 88

Uncle_Bob - Back In Black

Cheese Puffs

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Post 89


Strontium Dog

Hidden history of Judea circa 200 bce-200ce
History of Christian philosphy and Dogma 4ce-400ce
Milieu Therapy
Encyclopedic knowlege of Sci Fi and Fantasy literature 1920-1970
Slightly less impressive knowledge of Sci Fi and fantasy cinema + TV 1930-present day
post structralist discourse and narrative with a side interest in philosophy generaly
Civil Rights movements
Jimi Hendrix
MK Ghandi
The Kennedy assassinations

+ General Knowledge, e.g. passing understanding of quantum mechanics relativity theory, astronomy, politics, sociology, psychology, psychodynamics, Art, Music, (modern, Pop, classical, Jazz), Programming
pascal Delphi Basic etc, herbalism, thought magic and a lot more.

nb Freinds have told me I am an Idecker, but I am dyslexic so I might have spelt it wrong.

I regard myself as a quester after magic, and since todays magic has been described as tomorrows science I might fall into the category of Technomage.

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Post 90



I'd like to sign up as a geology expert! I'm not exactly PhD level yet, but I'm working my way toward that!

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Post 91

Tigris, Keeper of the Gates.

art basics.

decision making.

coughing up results from search engines.

keeping finches.

finding lost things.

(do languages count?)

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Post 92


I have much skill in ironing pleats into articles of clothing so that they stay. This is as close to magic as a mortal can get smiley - winkeye.

I also know a lot about Venus Flytraps, cleaning up my bedroom, and speaking to tech-support reps.

may I be a wizard?

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Post 93


Martian Anatomy
Alien Life

Corporal X
smiley - martiansmile

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Post 94


British literature and history
Traditional/folk music
the English language

smiley - dragon

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Post 95

MadHank (Master of Forgeting, and Returning Awesome guy)

Basic Kenpo
Classifiction of magic
Searching the net
And some other stuff I do not wish to reveal right now.

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Post 96


All religons
And, life

smiley - magic

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Post 97

Ryan the Daemon Prince - Dealing Arms to Svalbard Since 1995

I have a deep knowledge and understanding in the relms of Chaos Magic. Does this make me some kind of Dark Wizard?

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Post 98


Old Weapons
Black powder guns and cannon
English civil war
Romans and Roman technology
Early British history

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Post 99


Wow! A tremendous amoung of expertise here! smiley - doh

I'm expert in more than a couple of things, or so I'm told by those who have needed my assistance; but there are few things that I know to the level of wizardry. smiley - erm

MS Excel would be one. Even experts have conceded that my use of this amazing (if frustrating) tool amounts to wizardy, especiall as pertains to the use of functions, formulae, conditional formatting, conditional sums, et al. smiley - magic

MS PowerPoint may be another, and almost MS Access where I've been able to make it look just like Excel for those who don't want to be confused by Access.

MS Word is just to straight forward to get much wizardry out of, even when mail-merging tables of data into letters.

I also seem to have the wizards knack for unusual, yet edible, dishes. Try my Orange Glazed Hot Dogs: 1 can orange soda, four ounces orange marmalade, 2 tablespoons Hoisin sauce, 10 shakes of hot sauce, 1 pkg hotdogs cut small. Boil it all in a saucepan, stirring occasionally, until the liquid stops foaming and collapses into a thick orange glaze. smiley - dragon (Works with just Beer, Hotsauce, and the Dogs, too; or use meatballs, large jar of grape jelly and small jar of chili sauce). Yummmm.smiley - ok

smiley - towel

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Post 100


Ummm, smiley - erm

That last bit with the grape jelly? That one just simmers for 40 minutes, no foam or collapse. But, the leftover sauce makes a great barbecue sauce! smiley - somersault

smiley - towel

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