Hogs are smelly, no amount of washing helps.

hmmm, let me see...

It is a tricky thing to say something clever, witty and insightful at the same time, especially about ones-self. Far too often the first two are covered at the expense of the latter.

So in avoiding the use of non-letter keys, abbreviations, smilies and anything resembling clever or witty comments, here is a somewhat lacking summary of information which some may say is quite insightful. Others, however, would say that it is utterly pointless and a load of hogwash. These people, I would tend to agree with, aside from the washing of hogs part, which i believe would be far too smelly for my liking.

Year of Birth: 1977

Gender: upon last inspection, Female, but you never know!

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Work: Market Research Consultant (no I am not one of those people who call you at tea time to ask seemingly pointless questions, I am one of the people who writes the questions and then slaves over the statistics afterwards.)

Interests: Science Fiction, Sociology, noise/Industrial music, photography.

Past-times: Sleep, DJ'ing, and more sleep. At the moment also add playing "Command and Conquer Generals" to the list.

Dislikes: People, of the human variety, and the use of <[[non-letter keys]]>, abbreviations (such as ROTFL) and smilies

Some Quotes....

I feel that it is probably a lot safer for ones sanity not to attempt to understand my brain!!!

I really shouldnt be cutting veggies with a knife this sharp while I am this drunk!!

Of all things in this world, the one with which I'm most ambivalent towards is my attitude of humankind. On one side, I'm very compassionate and loving, I wish good things for all people, and I'm fairly optimistic, but on the other side, the dominant side, I harbor a healthy hatred of most people. And it isn't anything personal, either. It's more a "type" of person that I hate. And I won't begin to describe that person, because there are many. I don't trust anyone. To me, everyone is equally questionable, and everyone is a suspect. I've learned not to rely on anyone, because most people will screw you if it comes down to it. (http://www.burningword.com/get_out.php?task=view&articleID=117" >http://www.burningword.com/get_out.php?task=view&articleID=117)


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