My name is Dan and I live in Nottingham, England, UK.

Not at all like any of my guitars!I have a number of things in my life which are very important to me:

Not necessarily in that order (except for my wife!).

My wife, Deanne, comes from Perth, Australia. Which is hot and sunny and full of food (see above) and alcohol. She works as an ecologist and is really interested in bats. We got married on the 29th of March 2003, in the aforementioned Perth, Australia. It was a very good weddingsmiley - biggrin. I think that holding hands is a lot more important than most people suspect for a relationship to survive.

My Mother is an archaeologist who has run a big dig out at Bestwall Quarry since about 1992. She is very good at her job as far as I can tell.

My Father was for many years a biologist. He loves fishing and actually has a website devoted to the things.

I have three older brothers who I like and are not boring. Two of them have children and one doesn't and has lots of money (the two things seem to be mutually exclusive)smiley - tongueout.

I come from a small town in the south west of the UK called Wareham in case you're interested. I now live in Nottingham (the smiley - love of England), which isn't a great place to bring up children, but we don't have any so that doesn't really matter!

I play the guitar and have a website at danladle.125mb.com which has some of my songs and links to some other things I like in it.

I've had diabetes for a while so I remember when jab time looked like this.As you may have noticed from the last item on the list I'm also diabetic. From what a lot of diabetics seem to say it is mainly a pain because of people being prejudiced against us...Not so in my experience! I mainly find it a pain because of the constant blood tests, doctors visits, injections, eating and hypos.

I've had diabetes since I was twenty two months old in nineteen seventy six. My regime has changed a fair number of times since then but if I take an average of about three injections a day that gives somewhere in the region of thirty thousand injections in my lifetime so far.

I don't really mind the injections, although actually getting doses right is annoyingly difficult. What really gets to me is the blood tests. Poking a tiny needle in to your finger is not something you would do without good reason, diabetes is a good reason, but it does make playing the guitar a little uncomfortable.

To say there are so many diabetics about these days there seem to be relatively few people who actually understand the whole insulin/hypo/hyper/food thing.

I find that the best way to explain it is this...Insulin dependent diabetics (like myself) have a problem with their pancreases. The pancreas, whose normal job is to create insulin, is either impaired or doesn't work at all. Insulins job is to turn foodstuffs, such as carbohydrate, in to energy for your body to use as it needs it.

Asleep or hypo?  It's a tough call!Because our pancreases1 do not make insulin properly we have to inject it. If you get the amount of insulin wrong you either don't have enough, which means you have excess sugar pumping through your bloodstream, or you have too much so you turn all your sugar in to energy, then run out of energy.

As an example imagine your muscles are doing what they do, e.g. lifting things up, moving you about, playing volleyball, etc. Then imagine that your muscles can no longer get any energy because your insulin has used it all up...What often happens then is that you e.g. drop things, fall over, can't move about the court, etc.

This isn't too bad but imagine that instead of your muscles being energy deprived it is your brain. Brains are quite important for the everyday administration and running of the bodies functions. If you are lacking energy in that department then it is quite likely you won't know it until it is too late i.e. the brain has run so low that you collapse and/or fall into a coma.

If you have a diabetic friend and notice them acting strangely, for instance yawning a lot, saying things which make no sense, looking drunk even though they haven't been drinking, it is best if you mention to them that they should heve something to eat. I promise you they will be grateful. Unless they're not having a hypo, in which case just slightly bothered thet you think we are acting strangelysmiley - bruised. Musicians' Guild Member

H2G2 Musicians' Guild

Seeing as everybody who is anybody seems to be a guild member now thought I should join one so I have become a member of the Musicians' Guild, 'cause it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!

Just in case you're interested at all some of the bands I like include The Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jerry Cantrell, Snow Patrol, Pearl Jam, The Chemical Brothers, Audioslave, Auf Der Maur, Muse, (big breath smiley - puff) The Pixies, The Dave Matthews Band, The Cranebuilders, Franz Ferdinand, Live, Limp Bizkit, Metallica and Swervedriver. Not necessarily in that order, and not an exhaustive list but it gives you an idea!!! Vegetarian Society Member

H2G2 Vegetarian Society

I just joined the H2G2 Vegetarian Society because I have been one for about three years now and will be for pretty much ever. It's great if you don't mind harming poor defenceless vegetables!

I also have a tattoo. If you ask nicely I might tell you what and where it is. smiley - winkeye

Oh, and just out of interest...

(1 - 5) * (5 - 3) - 0 + 50 = 42

...so there!

1beta cells within the pancreas to be specific


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