Aier, Jedi adept Cat-Sapien and Minister of Silly Walks

Pondering Felix

And now...

A little about me. I am a Cat-Sapien and the Minister of Silly Walks in President Peregrin's cabinet. I am not a Sith lord (but I do think the Sith look really cool), but am in fact a Jedi, well, hope to be (although, that Evil Empire is tempting... and to crush a man's neck while standing on the other side of the room without using any sort of gadget arms does sound pretty cool). In the meantime, I'm just biding my time travelling the galaxy (well, planet) just looking around and generally haveing a nice time with stuff.

Other exciting activities I get up to include:

  • Naked Sky diving (well, er, tasting various, uh, alcoholic wonders of the world - anyone know where to get a good Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in Germany?)
  • Yoga (part of my Jedi training)
  • Silly Walks (also true)
  • Protecting the Universe from dropping koalas (not true, but do check out this fantastic entry about Stories to Scare Tourists in Australia)
  • Cleaning my paws (except when they're already clean)

So I'm abusing the whole idea of listing something for people to get to know me. Shall I be serious? Shall we get that close?


A very good and positive word, I'm sure you'll agree. I really, really, REALLY promise very hard not to build a death star. Now that we have that out of the way, if you don't mind, I'm going to start making stupid noises...

*ptang, ptang*
*bing... wobble*
*frrrt* (oops!)
*seattle* (thanks Homer)
*ippety, umkumplicitishinkolofobble*
*bibble, bang...*

I think I'll stop there for the moment... Maybe we can make silly sounds together... all in the name of

Getting close...

Getting Close

Here is a picture of me with a couple of my friends. Ever wanted to know what Star Wars character you are most like? Check this out.

Ministry of Silly Walks

A Silly Walk

The Ministry is devoted to:

  • research of Silly Walks
  • development of Silly Walks
  • public awareness of Silly Walks

If you have a Silly Walk, drop us a line. If you're interested in Silly Walks, feel free to take a look at the following enlightened places:

Here is an example of a Silly Walk (starting with the right leg):

  1. 2 long steps
  2. full turn on left foot
  3. short step with the right foot back
  4. squat into a kneeling position
  5. lift left leg high into the air
  6. swing it back under you and then foreward so that the right leg is stretched behind you
  7. stand upright with arms high in the air in a bird of prey type position

All such walks are best completed whilst wearing something conservative. However, due to the amazing level of physical endurance required whilst practising, its probably a good idea to wear something loose fitting whilst alone.

For the moment...

A person needs new experiences... they jar something deep inside, allowing them to grow. Without change, something sleeps inside us... and seldom awakens... The sleeper must awaken.
the Sleeper must awaken


Email: [email protected]


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