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But come in, come in! Help yourself to as much smiley - tea as you like!

Let me introduce myself: My name (as you may or may not have gathered) is rik.
Pleased to meet you!

A wall of bambooA wall of bamboo

Here's some stuff about me, just to get us started:

  • I was born in 19811, in Edinburgh2
  • I did Zoology at Uni in Glasgow, followed by 1 whole year (smiley - yikes) of productive3 office work before...
    Running back to University (in London this time) to do a Masters in Primatology4, which is where I am now
    Unexpectedly, I have a huge interest in natural history and the like; that whole "natural world" thing constantly fills me with joy.
    It also fills me with frustration. Here I direct you towards "Last Chance to See", your nearest conservation charity5 and URGE you to give a ****. Please.
    I like to think that I have an eclectic taste in music; everything from Hip hop to Jazz to Reggae to Classical to Indie to... the list continues off into the sunset...
    Although in reality there is probably no such thing, I often say my favourite tune is Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack, so there you go.
    I love travelling and have been quite a lot of cool places. Recently, I've been mainly going where the beasties take me.
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Here are some links to some photos of the types of primates that I've worked with so far...

but I do need to pat myself on the back and mention that my own photos of the macaques are much better!

Barbary Macaque (under no circumstances should it be refered to as an ape...)

White-fronted capuchin

White-handed or Lar Gibbon (aye... this one is an ape!)6

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I've not been in the neighbourhood long, so to inspire me with a sense of belonging, here's some stuff:

The Loyal Zoological Society

An Aye-Aye

I am the Keeper of Big hair and Monkeys, including (but not exclusive to) Big Hairy Monkeys7

Henry t. gorilla

I'm a Thursdayite!
smiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spacesmiley - spaceThursday -
Always has been called Thursday,
smiley - spacealways will be called Thursday

A baobab tree

My 42ism:

1+3-7+2+1+7*6 = 42


1*(3!^((-7+2^1)+7))+6 = 42

which is the result of an afternoons heavy procrastination.

A baobab tree

Fancy line break

A heady mix of Douglas Adams and Procrastination first brought me to these parts.
Look! I made some tables to celebrate!

The first thing that drew me to h2g2 was a love of DNA's work. I suppose I (quite selfishly) wanted to be a small part of his Legacy.

I only knew him through his writing (and a very tiny number of interviews) and yet his death affected me in a very real and deep way. My thoughts go out to the people who actually knew him, for whom the pain must have been much worse. I have trouble holding back the tears every time I think about the loss of such a ludicrously intellegent man, especially whenever I read Richard Dawkins' "Lament for Douglas Adams."

I have very little idea if I actually count as a member of this society but... does anyone care? In the past I have procrastinated, In the future I will procrastinate, and I am procrastinating right now.

Therefore, it only seems right that I should put this blob... well, here:

Procrastinators Society

A gorilla

Places that I find usefullTips for new folkGuideML Clinic

1Which is quite a boring fact, so i'll spice it up by saying that it was the Chinese year of the Rooster... which, I'll grant you, isn't much better!2If you ever visit Edinburgh (which you should), don't go in August. If you want you can go back for a SECOND visit in August, just not first3read "soul destroying"4Primates being monkeys, apes and so-called "prosimians"5DNA was a big fan of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation, and Save the Rhino if that helps...6incidently there is a blob featuring a Baby Lar Gibbon and a little girl: B2920096, it's rather cute but I didn't want to use it, because frankly, it makes me quite upset to see baby primates (or adult ones for that matter) in the arms of humans...7Unfortunately it is very, very apt


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