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Isn't it odd...

...when you stop and think about things and realise, the people who bothered you, don't bother you anymore, they're there but it doesn't affect you, you don't feel self concious anymore because no one treats you in a way that would make you self concious and anything that made you feel unhappy or scared or as if you don't fit in...isn't there.

So I take it back, UH you were right, college is the best place in the world and I LOVE it. And there are quite a few seriously fanciable guys...I mean smiley - bigeyes!

Plus I'm spending every day doing something I love, a subject I want to spend my life doing and if it hasn't done anything else so far it's assured me that I want to spend the rest of my life doing art. There's no competition anymore, we're all good artists in different ways, and the tutors are right the people we'll learn most from is each other. And I've been put with the nicest bunch of people I could have expected.

smiley - smiley

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Driving Lessons...

Just a note so I don't forget...


3:45 - 6th November 2003...


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How come when you're looking for lyrics you can't find them but you can find them in tab, but how come when you're looking for tab you can find them as lyrics?

Annoying, but I found the song I was looking for:

E|--3-------------|----------------|------------3-----| old friend made me love that song, 'cept we're not friends anymore.


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Would anyone like to contribute...

To my College Personal Project?

Well, for some reason I've gotten onto doing loads of circles with lyrics from songs...problem is...I've run out of ideas for some lyrics which vaguely any link to my original thing which was

Do anyone have a favourite song lyric, or piece of poetry which have ouwt to do with vision's gonna turn into a sappy love thing I know it (from the lyrics I've got) but hey if you wanna help just say. Film song lyrics, poetry, anything would be appreciated, just give me the name plus the lyric or artist and song name etc...smiley - ta

Eg: "Why does my heart cry, feelings I can't fight, you're free to leave me but just don't decieve me, and please believe me when I say I love you..."

see, all the ones I've found are sappysmiley - winkeye but sod it, I love Moulin Rouge and the music & everything else about it. Gives me tingles...

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Happiness isn't a warm gun...

Three weeks, nearly four really, and not only of being MIA from hootoo but college...I'm almost through with my probationary period, I've got two big important piece of work done, my personal project (which is based around a conversation about eyes and dyslexia I had with someone on here, or at least voiced my ideas too and never took further) and I've done around about 15 other things already to go into selection for my portfolio.

Anyway, happiness isn't a warm gun, because happiness is realising you're good at what you do, you're able to make friends (7smiley - smiley) and you're actually happy for the first time in a long while.

Now I have a few things to say:

1) I won't really be around, I mean I wasn't online of late because a) I haven't had time and b) I didn't want to face one of the reasons I was mildly depressed over the past couple of months, but I've got sod all time at college, I mean I leave the house before 8 and don't get in til 5 or 6 then have to spend my evenings on work and sleep and watching TV to make sure my brain can be switched off.
2) I have an apology to make to more than one of my h2g2 friends, and they're good friends, like I said above I've been more than a bit down and I've pushed a lot of you away while it's kinda all piled up on me and there are a few of you I've taken things out on. I've made it better with a few, though one who I finally re-added to my IM list probably still thinks I'll bite his ankles…to be fair, he's probably rightsmiley - winkeye Others I've messed up the friendships completely and I just wanna say sorry...I'm not a b*tch that frequently, I promise.
3) The reason I said I was leaving…well, it's true, there's a guy, it's a factor of why I wasn't happy, I miss the guy and , but I reckon it's all over, not cause I wanted it to be or because of anything other than when it seems over and there doesn't seem like any way back, well, you just gotta say it's done.

Ahhh well, I'm gonna have a chat with my uncle then hit the hay, I'm knackered.

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Emily...overly fond of the ellipsis...and top ten lists...submit yours @ A87824361...

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