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Can't sleep. Won't sleep.

I don't know which it is tonight. I'm knackered and I can't seem to switch off.

And before you say, I have switched off the TV, shut down the computer and tried...I tried, but I just lay there running things over in my head. Which is never wise.

There's a deadline looming. The Christmas windows for work (for three practices now instead of just one) need to go in this week and next and I'm still cutting things out and smothering everything (including myself) in glitter. Delegating isn't working, the concept (envisioned by my sister) has meant I'm doing most of the construction.

The saving grace, bar my absolute love of glitter, is that I'm making something. Making anything at the moment is a step forward. To get back to making jewellery I need to find my love of making again. I need to have it feel like something I want to do because I can't stop myself, like an addiction, instead of it feeling like something I have to push myself into doing.

I dunno if I'm making sense. I'm sitting here typing to try and shut my brain up so I can sleep. Which I suppose if this is incoherent is succeeding. Off I go to try again. smiley - zzz

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Bad, Good, Bad

Yesterday was a bad day, there was no good reason, I could blame hormones, I could blame not taking my st. john wort at the right time or the blisters my shoes gave me. But there's not really a reason. Some days are just better than others.

Sometimes it's the big things that make you feel better, more often than not it's the little things. Like yesterday, a person I follow on Pinterest pinning one of my bracelets and the chess set I designed and made. Rarely, if ever does anyone notice my jewellery, but for someone I respect to do it, gave me that little lift in spirits that I needed.

That is until now, when I was stupid enough to stumble onto my h2g2 fan page and the last few posts I was was making.

I'm so sorry guys. I was such a mardy cow before I left, and I know I was depressed and I know that I was going through a rough patch in RL and I know it was the reason I left, but I should never have acted the way I did.

I am extremely ashamed of myself and I apologies profusely.

Em x

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Bunnies and B*stards.

I spent a good portion of yesterday running around my parents garden trying to catch a domesticated bunny.

Is it the latest addition to the family? No. Unless it's a really fresh meal for Misty our remaining cat, which she has no interest in as she never went bunnying and as it's old will now rarely leave the house.

No this poor white and brown bunny was apparently set free near our house by some git who didn't want them. Yes, there wasn't just one unwanted bunny, there were lots of them and this little one managed to avoid capture by the SSPCA a week ago.

Seriously, in this day and age, where we're bombarded with advertising campaigns telling us about abandoned animals, about how to save ones we find or deal with ones we're no longer are able to cope with, how can people still abandon animals?

It's appalling behaviour by someone who obviously couldn't be bothered getting their animals neutered or take them to a shelter once they were born.

And now I know who's been munching on my beetroot plants!

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So, it's a long time. It's been a good five plus years. I left in the muddled transition between school and teenagedom and college and university. I don't know if I will ever use my beloved h2g2 the way I used to, but it seems right as it take its place in a new home that I at least do some spring cleaning...

Hello to any of my friends who are still out there, if any of you actually remember me at all.

How things have changed.

Emily x

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For bleeps sake!

I can't believe it...I can't bloody believe it! the day after I finally finish my UCAS form and sort everything out and come to terms with the fact that I've got two fails on my form which looks less than good I get through the post another certificate saying "your appeal has been recognised"!

I got a bloody C for my Business Management after all that and I actually get it! URgh! anyone know how to get biro off a UCAS form without using tipex or wrecking the thing?smiley - erm

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