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Something nice...

I always update my journal when I'm feeling blue and end up moaning, well today, instead, I am dropping a quick happy note smiley - smiley

I was given a box of chocolates smiley - choc at work today from a patient for being nice and doing a good job.

smiley - blush

I had to do a frankly torturous test for the DVLA on her, we gave a few shots because she hadn't been well, and because we looked after her (and I was the one doing the testing) she brought chocolates in to say thank you.

Saw them on my desk this morning and thought they'd been put there while there was a big clean out being done next door (patients sometimes bring up boxes of stuff to say thank you) so figured they were from Christmas. But they weren't and I've now been instructed to "get them open!"

Typical, first time I'm given chocolates by someone outside my family and it's an 80 year old lady instead of a handsome young man smiley - laugh

smiley - smiley

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The Lurgy...

Three fifths of the house has the lurgy.

My parents and my big sister have been ill for the last week+ and my little sister and I are, so far, not catching it. That said I've spent two days with a headache and can't get myself to wake up properly, I actually had a nap yesterday afternoon because I kept dropping off! I haven't done that since I was a kid.

My family having the lurgy has also resulted in bringing up something else that's never quite gone away. I went to the supermarket, to buy some decongestants and almost walked into the guy who led me on in high school and told me I was "unfanciable". Anyone surprised I've never had any confidence or boyfriends?

Stupid thing is, the feelings I had for him, never really went away and he's still really cute and despite what he did, what he said, as I walked down the aisle towards him (he was at the cold remedies also) I was angry, but also desperately wishing I'd had my hair down and hadn't just wandered out the house in my scruffy stuff and sod all makeup, because my stupid brain wanted him to recognise me and think I looked nice and feel like a smiley - bleep for what he did.

I'm in a low at the moment, that being dredged up just adds to the mess in my head of work & windows woes, design & life failure and loneliness. Plus it's only going to get worst over the next couple of months, as my birthday gets closer.

I even started up the h2g2 Researcher Top Ten A87824361 again last week in the vain attempt to get myself at least talking on here a little more...then couldn't bring myself to actually write a journal entry saying what I was doing.

See, this is why I don't write journal entries, I just feel like I'm moaning all the time. I miss my old friend on here, who knew I wasn't always like this, I can be happy and relatively funny...then again, maybe that girl's gone for now.

Anyway, it's time to do the lurgy trios tea run.

Hope you have a nice weekend and if anyone reads this have a think about your top ten tracks and drop them off at A87824361.

Em x

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smiley - hollyMerry Christmas chaps!smiley - holly

I've not vanish again, just been lurking. I've kept writing journal entries since my last post, which shockingly was Valentines Day and then not bringing myself publishing them. I'm okay, just not posting anywhere at the moment!

Though I just posted my first 12 days post on my blog in case I don't wander back here in the next few days I'll be (hopefully) posting at every day of the holidays!

Hope you all have/had a lovely Christmas Day and Santa smiley - santa is good to you!

smiley - hollyEm xxxsmiley - holly

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In my heart of hearts...

...I am already sick of Valentines. smiley - brokenheart

It's February 12th and I'm sick and tired of love hearts smiley - love and pink and red and adverts proclaiming the importance of being in a couple and spending as much money as one can on February 14th.

The reason - bar the traditional single, never had a valentine of any form reasons and my belief that it really is a day for shops and show offs - is I've been cutting out hearts for the window at work all weekend and stringing them together. By my self. Despite my little sister's supposed shared responsibility for the window.

Anyway, normally we avoid a valentines window, which has the longevity of a mayfly however - stuck for ideas - we're doing a heart themed window, but specifically making it stay up for February as it is National Heart Awareness Month. And problems with your heart and high blood pressure can affect your eyes and vision. So this year we're making the exception.

My annoyance is probably jealousysmiley - envy, I'm twenty seven and as I've said, have never had a valentine, and I would love nothing more than to have a boyfriend to give the anti-valentines rant too whilst secretly hoping for a bunch of supermarket freesias...but right now, after spending four days cutting out multicoloured hearts, I feel more annoyed by the day than in previous years.

The window will probably only end up being up a week or two before the "haven't you taken down your valentines decorations?" comments get too much.

Why is it when you need to work out a few projects in advance, it's always the ones months away that you have ideas for and not the one you're most desperate to get sorted? smiley - sigh

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Merry Christmas

Just in case I don't get a chance to get online tomorrow (technically it's already tomorrow, but I've not been asleep, so it's still yesterday to me...anyway...)

smiley - holly Merry Christmas! smiley - holly

hope you all have a lovely Christmas day and a happy New Year...especially since the Mayans seemed to have miscalculated the end of the world this time round smiley - winkeye

Em x

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Emily...overly fond of the ellipsis...and top ten lists...submit yours @ A87824361...

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