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Dancing on the head of a pin! See the amazing stripey beast and read what he has to say...which isn't too much at the moment! Other than the fact that it has taken many hours and patient enquiries ( and patient listeners too!! ) to get this page working the way I want it!! Thanks are due in no small part to Bruce and his excellentGuideML Clinic and others far too numerous to mention at the moment.

I should also thank the artists at ARTIE for the dancing bits and just being there...and thanks to my agent, my agent's aunt, my mothers parrot and David Niven's fridge!

The Okapi's Links to Stuff

Have a browse through some the fun, frustrating and sometimes futile flipperdegibs that I have come across...smiley - tongueout

Find Out Where You'd Like To Go

If wonder what it would be like to sit in on a conversation, but have only just arrived in this weird and wonderful place; or would like to join one of the many Societies, Clubs and other places that defy description, you could do worse than pay a visit to The Overwhelmingly HUGE Guide to H2G2 Clubs. All you ever needed to know - and then some!

The H2G2 Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum LogoYou can find me in the H2G2 Natural History Museum run by Amy the Ant.

My H2G2 Friends

Amy the Ant See above! Who is also about to open this wonderful and exciting place! GRAPHIC ANTS Give her a visit!

Gavroche Who is also involved withThe H2G2 Literary Society

Ottox A Fellow Muse - the one of Listening to Old L.P. Records...much more fun than C.D.'s! He is also co-founder of The H2G2 Choral Society ...go join today; I did and I can't hold tune in a bucket!

(St)DragonflyWho is the Muse of Song and Dance, Musehome founder, Patron Saint of Muses, Musicians Guild Oboist and all round good egg!

And someone I have recently discovered, whose homepage is dream and a lot of fun, particularly if you like Da Blues! Visit Blueslider and sing along!

So many people, so much to see, so much to read! if you're in the mood for a rant - or to read a rant! - and help to get everybody to Utopia, then visit The Utopia Cafebar and chat with the splendid folk that you'll meet there, including the redoubtable Unmentionable Marauding Pillowcase and the founder of the above named Bar, one Purplejenny , a wonderful lady. Go on, you know it makes sense!!!

And if you've stumbled here by mistake, looking for a friend, and I'm not the one you're looking for ( smiley - sadface ) then you could click here to find out who else is roaming around H2G2 in search of companionship...we're always happy to speak to strangers! smiley - smiley

The H2G2 Musehome

And now I am the Muse of Real Ale and Traditional Stuff ( Particularly Morris Dancing and Maypoles ) here is how to get to the The H2G2 Musehome Go on!! Give it a visit! smiley - tongueout

And now that I AM a Muse ( particularly of Traditional Stuff! ) it behoves me to put a link to a wunnerful site that is devoted to Folk Music of all kinds. Visit the Mudcat and find out about that Folk song and get the words too! You won't be disappointed!


Musicians Guild Member I am a member of the h2g2 Musicians Guild, which is a virtual club for musicians, singers, composers, and other music aficionados at h2g2. So, if you play an instrument or sing or are good at organising gigs - pop along and say hello!!

H2G2, the place where you'll always have to do sheep thing to stop your head flying around!


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