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Post 141


What was that Chas?
Yeah he never could take his drink!
Pathetic isn't it?

So, who was your favourite Beatle?
And your favourite Polanski film?

What's the matter?

Why are you looking at me like that?


Post 142


*returns to the living*

Hey... Where've you been....?
Wait... Where have *I* been??

And is that blood on your shirt?


Post 143


Do really do dav dum drange friends Dril.
De dit me on the dose!
Dilling me!
De dwent even madder dwhen I daid thad!
Stormded doff din a huff!

Wdhat is dis prodlem?

Let's do and find a demist.....dumthink dor my dose...and dumthink dor your look like drap!


Post 144


Oh great!! Now you've done it! You've hurt his feelings!
OK... Breaking your nose and knocking your teeth out IS a bit excessive, I'll grant you that..
But you just have to understand, he hasn't had much luck with women lately, and you people can be so cruel!


Theee?? Thee whadd I mean???

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