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What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 201

Icy North

I like the idea that a baby shower can put out the gender reveal wildfire. smiley - smiley

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 202


I would say sex is more accurately related to the act of intercourse or similar activity between two people, whereas gender is the biological/psychological identity. Of course people commonly use sex to mean gender, which can cause a lot of confusion.

When I was young enough to have a child bus pass to go to school, there was a box to fill in labelled sex. We thought it very funny to write in 'yes please' or something similar. I notice that forms now are much more accommodating for choice, usually with an option of 'how you identify yourself'.

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 203

Icy North

Identifying myself can be tricky sometimes, but usually I wake up and say “That’s him!”

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 204

Baron Grim


In 1965, Johnny Cash appeared at the El Paso courthouse to face charges on drug smuggling (amphetamines and sedatives bought across the border in Mexico). The news coverage resulted in boycotts and threats, but not because of the drug charges, but because it was the first time many had seen images of his wife, Vivian. She was Italian-American, but some folks seeing her in B&W photos and TV images, assumed she was African-American. A white supremacist group, The National States Rightssmiley - star Party spread the image and called for boycotts of Johnny Cash's albums and concerts.

smiley - starEven today, I hear folks claim the Civil War wasn't about slavery, but instead it was about "States Rights". Yeah, it was, the Southern States "right" to be white supremacist slave owners. "States Rights" were commonly recognized in the mid nineteenth century to refer directly to the slavery issue and white supremacy as clearly seen in contemporary news publications and other writings.

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 205

Baron Grim


Oh, I nearly forgot another thing I learned yesterday.

So what do cats, camels, bears, and giraffes have in common?

Unlike most quadrupeds who walk with diagonal legs paired, they walk with both legs on each side together, both right legs moving, then both left legs moving, &c.

I learned about this because I've been playing a vidya game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the game there is a giant mechanized camel. I assumed the game creators had messed up when I noticed the bilateral pace of Vah Naboris. I knew about cats' walking pace, but not about camels, giraffes, and just now, bears.
There are also bears in the game. I will be watching closely next time I spot one. (You can also ride bears in the game, but that's a running pace which pairs front and back legs.)

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 206


Millipedes too...

And earthworms...

smiley - tongueincheek

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 207

Baron Grim

Today I learned that both the UK and the US have popular comic characters named Dennis the Menace.

What's really wild is both comic strips were created independently in March 1951!


While I've never read any of the British DtM comics, just comparing the two characters I suspect I'd like the UK version better. I never particularly liked our DtM as I felt he was just a privileged little smiley - bleep who gets out of every bit of trouble because he's precocious and "cute". Blyeuch! smiley - yuk

The British one is much edgier. I like edgy.

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 208

Bald Bloke

A lot of us were inspired by the British Version as Nippers.
Pea Shooters, Catapaults .......

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 209

Baron Grim

Yeah, the US one mostly just "menaced" the retiree neighbor by... *talking* to him or making noise.

And he's still at it. I believe the son of the original comic artist has taken over.

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