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What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 221


My bestest friend was a whiz with a 3d printer. He made me a beautiful lightsaber, and a golden snitch for my wife.

Before he passed, I had the idea I'd ask him to make me TWO models of the sundiver - Disaster Area's stuntship - put them on stands side by side, and paint one up so you could tell what it is (like in the photo), and just spray the other in Black 3.0 or Mousablack or one of those other super-matt-black paints. I think that would make an excellent geeky mantlepiece thing.

Still think it would.


What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 222

Baron Grim

What an awesome idea. I love the design. I wonder how much of the detail might disappear when painted?

I'd love to own a 3D printer, but I just don't have any real use for one. But if I did, I'd definitely print one of these myself. smiley - towel

What did you learn today? (TIL)

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"I wonder how much of the detail might disappear when painted? "

The trick with painting something like that is that you don't generally just paint it a solid colour then leave it. Really good modelmakers will do washes and highlights and distressing and all sorts of stuff that takes AGES but makes the textures and detail pop out.

And then next to it you'd have something EXACTLY the same shape and size that looks like a hole in space, because by design ALL of the detail would disappear.

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 224

Baron Grim

Hmm... I'm starting to wonder about my ability to read and comprehend. You clearly explained that and yet my brain missed the concept.

I'm finding I do this more often, lately. Is it that I'm just skimming over things? Or does it have something to do with my vision? My vision is now limited to a fairly narrow range from my right eye only, I can see from my nose to not quite straight ahead. I wonder if a right/left brain thing is going on.

But most likely, I'm just skimming.

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 225


If you think you really are missing chunks of text, worth putting a marker on the side you usually miss & concentrate on reaching the marker before going on to the next line. Or sometimes people find it easier to turn the text so it fits into the area of sight.
I do realise that's not always feasible with screen text, but I believe there are ways of turning screen text into a scrolling option.

What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 226

Baron Grim

"There's always money in the banana stand."

When I was a kid in the '70s, it was common knowledge that there was a way to get stoned on dried banana peels (and nutmeg and grape vine).

While I never personally tested this claim (well, ok, I did try the grape vine thing) I wasn't overly surprised today when I learned it was a hoax.


What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 227

Baron Grim

What we think of as a microwave oven was invented to more humanely warm up (and reanimate) frozen hamsters. smiley - hamstersmiley - hamster



What did you learn today? (TIL)

Post 228

Baron Grim

Heh, today I learned what a "pibgorn" actually is. For several years I've been reading an online comic strip called Pibgorn. It's by the creator of 9 Chickweed Lane. Pibgorn, in the comic, is a fiery redheaded... fairy? Pixie? Imp? I haven't read them all from the beginning (here: http://www.gocomics.com/pibgorn/2002/03/11?ct=v&cti=2082951 ) yet. I thought it was a rather unpleasant name for a sexy little creature like Pib.

Well, the author, wisely, turns off all comments on his strips. So I thought maybe there might be a subreddit for the comic. That led me to /r/Pibgorn "A community for the Welsh Hornpipe.
Here's an example.

Interesting. Horn in this usage means a literal cow horn as can be seen here: http://youtu.be/La5V6YtuP2E

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