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The New New blob

If you ride the clutch, I won't ride with you.

At IPR, Your Friends In The Air,
We try, we try, we really do!

Another year, another set of goals:

1. Convince the janitors to actually get the trash somewhere near the dumpster.

2. Convince the management that a degree is not exactly a mark of achievement.

3. Convince the photocopy repair man that we are not deliberately sabotaging the 8 1/2 by 14 inch paper tray. Sometimes, things just happen.

4. Convince our spouses that we really do have random days off and we are not coming home early or staying home on odd days to try to catch them at something, no matter how much we would really like to watch.

5. Convince the Boared of Defectors that middle management is not a hit squad.

6. Convince the people who supply the vending machines that the sell-by date plus six months is not a good rule of thumb, no matter what kind of legal success Disney has had.

7. Convince the local traffic authorities that our game of 'last one out of the parking lot is a rotten egg' is not a form of gambling.

8. Convince ourselves that this is not a 'dead end' job that will burn a hole in our otherwise credible resumes.

Several reasons why we probably won't succeed in our goals:

1. 7:57 AM

Fear: Friend or foe?
by Swimming Meat

b. 8:57 AM

The Dimwit Zone: "Twelve angry maids home from school without a cause flag down a streetcar named Fred during a long hot summer while a cat fiddles on a hot tin roof during the State Fair in Olkahoma!"
by The Flaming Carrot's Biggest Fan

cinco. 9:57 AM

A day in the life of a Splenatic Frool, an unavoidable interview with Prof. Tina Zinge
by The last of the Midnight Fryers! (celebrating a very nice divorce with a very nice horse!)

Tuesday. 10:57 AM

The Homely Homily: This week, Paraclete Pete, of the Rainbow Brethren.
by Your Other Right Foot (appearing nightly without warning)

A news clipping found on the IPR, YFITA Executive Washroom Noteboard.

Our condolences, for whatever reason, to the Family of Mrs. Formp.

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