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Posted: 14th August 2023

The images for this week, entitled Sightings: A road sign that says Vehicles Will Be Held, A Red Admiral Butterfly on a white background, a breaktaking landscape of green rolling hills and a cloud-dotted sky, a tiny brown-striped lizard on a wooden porch, A village boat dock, a white goose peering through a fence, a house made of wattle and daub, a clear glass cup of coffee with bubbles that look like they're looking at you, and a grey cat, sleeping. Below, a pub sign with the picture of a man holding up a glass of lager.

Sightings. They have been looking and boy, have they sighted. Up hill, down dale, indoors, outdoors, historical and metaphorical – they've explored, learned, and above all, read signs. Oh, do we have signs. Folks: you will be entertained and enlightened.

People have gone places they never were before. Kitkat, who lives and studies in Pennsylvania, has been to Wales this summer to sing in an Eisteddfod. Not only did they have a wonderful time, but they got to admire the scenery because after all, there is a lot to admire. Tavaron and her team of mini-adventurers made discoveries in their home country of Austria, only close to the Hungarian border. You can almost see Asterix in these photos, which take us back to the past and forward again in time to avoid being bitten by a goose.

In the Netherlands, Caiman finds more fascinating (and hilarious) public art. Bluebottle shows us more tanks. He's also provided the emotionally uplifting moment of the week with a very thoughtful sign.

Ah, signs: we've got 'em. Signs that make you think. Mostly, they make you think, 'What were they thinking?' Galaxy Babe has spotted a possible sign in her morning coffee. FWR's discovery may be a sign of the apocalypse: if so, it's going to be a funny one.

In the fiction department, Caiman and I are still plugging away, which means if you're in the mood for more weirdness you can head on over to our serial novels. They're getting too long and diffuse to be called novellas, I'm thinking, but I may be wrong. Joining us this week is FWR, who has a short story for you. It's in answer to this month's Post Writing Challenge. If you have an idea you'd like to try out on us, there's plenty of time.

So go romping among this dazzling garden of mind-bending delights. Leave nice comments. Share with your friends. Remember to send Stuff so we can keep bewildering the planet by reminding its people how strange and exotic they are. And have a wonderful week.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: The universe does not exist 'out there' independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators. In some strange sense this is a participatory universe.

– John Archibald Wheeler
A refined lady playing the piano.

August 2023 Post Challenge:
A Piano Mystery

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Cuckoo Roller

Cuckoo Roller by Willem.



Mystery Lizard

Tiny lizard by Tavaron.


Hug Your Car Today
The sign says Vehicles Will Be Held. By Bluebottle
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