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Posted: 3rd January 2022


Decorated snow scene on top of the Hoggetts' mantelpiece.

It's a 'new year.' I know this because I had to change the date all the way to the end. That makes me groan, for two reasons: one, I'll have to remember to do that, and I'll probably forget a lot for the next couple of weeks, and two, for the next week or so, everywhere I turn, somebody will probably say something about 'resolutions' and tell people they should make good ones.

Me, I agree with whoever said that you shouldn't let a calendar prod you into making life-changing decisions. It's just a number, folks. Time is an illusion. I know this because I saw it on a Youtube the other day.

Just in case you are numerologically superstitious, Happy New Year, for a specific quantity of time measurement. Keeping in mind that it's been 5782 for months now, and that it won't be 1401 in Persia until March. So don't ask me about the stardate.

Speaking of time, more than a few of us have been worrying about it, as in 'the end of...' Possibly with good reason. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you take the two-and-a-half hours required to watch Don't Look Up, which should definitely be available on your Netflix since they bothered to dub it in so many languages it took about ten minutes to run the credits. Which were well worth watching for the extra bits as well as to play 'name that script.'

Anyway, ignore all the critics (including Awix, if he disses this one), because this is the satire for this millennium. It will also strike hitchhikers as a familiar theme and warn us to polish up those electronic thumbs. Personally, my favourite bit was when the science folk sat around a meal of thanksgiving and expressed their gratitude to the Earth. 'We really did have it all, didn't we?' reflects one. If that doesn't make you want to go out and save a planet, I don't know what will. Please take their message to heart.

While we're waiting to see if NASA's latest space telescope will help us ward off random comet and asteroid attacks, please enjoy this issue of the h2g2 Post, our first of the 'year' (see discussion above). We've been petting the dogs and cats and getting them to pose for cute pics. Willem has been researching the roe deer and will tell you about it. Galaxy Babe's been out in her garden witnessing a solstice miracle.

Superfrenchie has spotted remarkable things in France. Up in Scotland, Paigetheoracle saw a sign and has been waxing melancholy in verse. Robbie Stamp, on the other hand, has reached a Tolstoyan milestone and has written a mellow poem. SashaQ has had an owl experience (we are in awe!), while Bluebottle has delved deep into the mysteries of his fictional Isle of Wight.

We've got lots for you to look at. Some of it will delight you, some of it will make you sad, and some of it may scare you half to death, so keep the lights on.

Enjoy this week. And remember: it doesn't matter how you slice up time, but it does matter how you spend it. Fill every day and hour with as much kindness as you are capable of.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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