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Posted: 27th December 2021

End-of-Year Mayhem

Stained glass window niche decorated for Christmas.

That's a very nice, seasonal picture, right?

It's a totally inaccurate representation of the chaos you'll find in this week's end-of-year issue.

Oh, yeah, sure, we still have a little seasonal music. And the hotly-anticipated answers to the Christmas Crossword. And some holiday-related stuff, mostly funny or anecdotal, about Christmas music and Christmasses past, etc. Bluebottle explains this year's season in a Nativity flashback.

All right, Paulh isn't into jolly. He gets the 'unexpected gloom' slot this week. Next week, Paigetheoracle will plunge you into the depths of poetic despair. Paige wanted this week's slot. He begged, 'Can't I please ruin everybody's Christmas?' But I held firm. Besides, Paul got there first.

In addition to the seasonal Stuff, total madness has broken out. Magpies crossing streets! Slugs in the UK! Slugs in France (with poetry)! Cats and dogs living together! It's insane.

We have a hard rock garden. Jewish Christmas music you will recognise. Awful – but picturesque – weather. Humour and cinema and things that go bump in your head.

It's your duty to read all this, you know. So get cracking, in between all the holiday doings and trips to the fridge for more snack food. Also read the new Create challenge. And send more Stuff! This weirdness doesn't write itself.

May your week be merry. And remember: in case you haven't heard, it is now possible for h2g2 Researchers to log in. So log in, if you haven't already, and leave comments.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: That's all I have for now, I'm Africa.

(I typed "afraid", but autocorrect had a better suggestion so I left it.)


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Personent hodie

The Brave Cat

A brave cat in bad weather, by FWR.



Addams Family Christmas?

Christmas with Thomas Edison's phonograph, courtesy of the Library of Congress.


Further Adventures of Conan
Conan the dog rolling in snow, by Tavaron.

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