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Posted: 10th January 2022

The Year So Far

Cat glaring at photographer.

It's been 2022 for a whole ten days now. New Year's Day was less than twelve hours old, local time, when there was a big bang in Pittsburgh. Nobody could figure out what it was, and the US Geological Survey wasn't claiming responsibility. No earthquake, they said. And no thunder or lightning. Nothing had blown up in town. There wasn't even another sinkhole swallowing a bus. It was puzzling.

Finally, the weather people said they were pretty sure a meteor had exploded. Oh, that's a relief, said everybody in Pittsburgh.

Then they thought about that movie, and said, hey, wait a hold it…

The year is off to a great start. Your Editor has had a head cold for pretty much all of it.

Our contributors, however, have been doing great things, and their artistic output has been prodigious. This is definitely an art issue. We have striking images from here, there, and yonder. Mostly yonder. You're going to enjoy all this photography.

There are also cats. And horses. And puzzling, funny things.

A word to our photographers: Whenever we get an artistic issue like this, there is the natural tendency of the artists involved to expect something unusual in the way of feedback. Such as cogent commentary.

This, friends, would be a mistake.

You will get the same sort of mindless drivel at the bottom of your contributions as usual. This I confidently predict on the basis of a decade of experience. The exact same nincompoops as always will completely ignore what's on the page as they rush to deface our comment sections with their stream-of-consciousness maunderings about themselves, their preferences, their personal longings, and their taste in music, films, and comic books. We will, as usual, continue to ignore them unless they violate international treaties.

The only request I would make of our readership is that if you should happen to have a cogent comment to make that actually pertains to the work of art on the page, you will please not put it in the same thread as said maunderings. Start your own thread. That's because we unsubscribe from drivel that begins with 'I like…' or 'That reminds me of a much better joke…'

'Nuff said.

Willem has sent us an excellent painting, but no story about the animal. This is because somebody stole all the internet cable in Polokwane, during the holiday season, no less, and he couldn't get back online until the town's connection was fixed. We're pleased somebody took care of it and he's back in touch now.

We need more Stuff. Send more Stuff. Particularly send stuff that relates to this month's Create challenge. We want to hear your wild stories. Some of us would like to set them to music.

Have a good week, and remember: don't blame all this on the black kitties. In some parts of the world, black kitties are good luck. Besides, they don't steal internet cable or mess about with meteors.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: A Babylonian letter complains: "I wrote that pots needed to be brought over - but instead you sent straw! My lord, why did you send this?" This happened because the cuneiform signs for "pots" and "straw" are almost identical.

Zachary Rubin, Assyriologist, proving that the typo has quite ancient roots.

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Rangifer by Willem.




Cormorant on a river, by Paigetheoracle.


Sour Tiger
Tiger made of a lemon, by Solnushka.

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