Blackberry and Apple Jam

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Blackberry and Apple Jam

Picking blackberries is one of the pleasures of late summer. At this time of year, the bushes are covered in ripening fruit, so you can wander through the countryside on a sunny day, picking blackberries. Although the bushes are prickly, it's easy to fill a box with fruit. They don't contain much pectin though, so it's a good idea to combine them with cooking apples.

A jar of homemade blackberry jam
1 kilo of blackberries2.2 lb (pounds)1
1 kilo of apples 2.2 lb (pounds)
2 kilos of sugar 10 cups
4 tablespoons of water 4.8 tablespoons

Choose jars that have well-fitting lids, wash and put them in the oven to warm.
Wash the blackberries and allow them to drain. Wash the apples, cut them into small pieces and put them into a big preserving pan with the water. Cook gently for 10 minutes, then add the blackberries and simmer until they become a purée. Add the sugar and stir until it is dissolved, then raise the heat and cook until setting point is reached. To test for setting point, pour a spoonful of jam on a saucer,
and run your finger over it. If the jam wrinkles, it is ready to pot. Pour the jam into the hot jars and place the lids on firmly.

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1Editor's Note: For those Americans now totally confused at how to obtain 2.2 pounds, we suggest you try 2 lb 3 oz (ounces), or 35 ounces. Of course, this has solved nothing. You haven't got a scale in your kitchen. What alien from what planet has a scale in their kitchen? What are you, a butcher's shop? You need cups, and a cup of blackberries does not equal a cup of apples, etc. We can only offer the link to the erudite discussion of 'How Many Blackberries Are in a Pound?'. Southern Living offers this information on 'How Many Apples Are in a Cup?' This is a public service announcement, although not a terribly useful one. If you know a farmer who raises chickens, you might get him to weigh your produce for you. He'll give you a funny look.

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