The German Window (An Adventure)

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The German Window (An Adventure)

A year or so ago we noticed a crack in the inside pane of #2 Gruesome's bedroom window. The window is about 2m by 2.5m so huge. Double glazed. We were keeping an eye on it.

In March I thought it was time to report it to the insurance, but then came the storm. Luckily for #2 Gruesome, they weren't in the room at the time (it was elevenses and we were having a cup of tea in my office – aka bedroom) [side note: although we are a British Family Abroad, until I was #WFH #2 Gruesome hadn't realised that #Elevenses was #AThing and that it was an invention. By Hobbits, Peter Jackson, Tolkien, or any and all of them].

So we were having tea and a chocolate digestive, as you do, and the storm was raging outside. It had been stormy for a while and #2 had expressed concern that the window would break and cover her bed (next to the window) and her in glass. "no," we said, "it's only the inside pane, it will be fine". Except that while we were enjoying our snack there was a mighty crash and the inside window broke. Glass everywhere. Big shards too, so potentially not fun if you were next to it.

A window with broken glass

Then the to-ing and fro-ing started. Glass like this is custom made. And materials and people (thanks #Covid19) are short. And then we need a crane to get the window up to the 2nd floor (tall, thin house). And of course it has been raining whenever the crane was available, or when it was sunny the crane was elsewhere. But anyway. Today is the day and our village (pop 994) are being entertained by the only real road through the village being partially blocked by a Big Red Crane. [side note. HAHAHA! to all the massive lorries that drive through our thousand-year-old narrow wiggly village, to save them 10 minutes. (we are part of a campaign to stop all but the milk trucks coming to the farms, it is a long and involved process unfortunately).

Cute thing: the crane arrived as the small primary children were going to the school bus. They're all about 7 or 8, in their little masks with their huge satchels, and each one waved at the crane driver and said "Guten Morgen" and he waved back and said "Guten Morgen" to each one.

That's what we have for excitement round these parts.

All done. Impressive.

A big red crane outside old houses in a village in Germany.
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