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Posted: 4th January 2021

Hopeful Beginnings

Solstice Conjunction, by NASA.

The planets have hugged across the sky. The calendar has (finally!) rolled around another year-number. Will the 'new' year be better than the last one? We sincerely hope so, every one of us. We'd like that virus to go away. Or at least, for everybody to get a vaccine and be able to go 'nyah, nyah' at it. We want our economies to recover and people to get back to whatever normal is. And oh, yeah, we could go for some peace on Earth right about now, and goodwill to each other, and some sensible politicians to do their jobs for a change and stop starting fights.

Any other suggestions?

As we wait to see what the new year will bring, let's talk about hope. Is hope a virtue? Is it a vice? What do we hope for? Show us hope this month: in a handful of words, or some sounds, or an image. Please share. It will be a good deed.

Meanwhile, here are some hopeful words and images from our Post contributors:
    Winter winds in Hooverville, by DG.
  • The Subject was angels. And chickens. You really don't want to know how it got started. (How do these things usually get started? We rest our case.) Freewayriding has a bang-up story that answers the question, 'When is an angel like a chicken?' I have one that addresses the issue of angelic choir rehearsal.
  • Hope, Not Always with Feathers. It might be brown and covered with dirt, but it represents hope, says Superfrenchie. It may be the prow of a scull, but it's hope to Caiman.
  • Birds pop up in surprising places. There's an obligatory cat, not bothering the birds. Willem's friend holds up a monitor. (Not, not that kind of monitor. It's wildlife.)
  • Continuing stories continue. So do cartoons. Lots to chuckle and/or shake your head over.
  • Video fun of the kinetic kind. Give it a look. According to Youtube, last year I caused humans to spend 5,222 minutes watching my videos containing music, birds, cats and other oddities. I thank you for so generously wasting…er, expending your time.
  • More Assorted Stuff is in here. Go rummage.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff.) Keep warm, stay safe, and remember: years are only numbers, but space/time is real and shouldn't be wasted.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Some breeds of chicken are very large and very white.


Coming of Age in Brookville, cover design by Freewayriding
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Hope in a Handful of Words

Video Extra: Goatplay

Nile Monitor

Nile Monitor by Willem



The old and new year as a winged old man and an angry chicken

A Thing with Feathers

An angel with headphones.


MacArthur's Architect
Executives from the early 1960s surreally walking into a building.


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