Create December 2020 Challenge: Midwinter Tales

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Create December 2020 Challenge: Midwinter Tales

Create Challenge December 2020 by Freewayriding
In the bleak midwinter, long, long ago…

The Native Americans of the northeastern US believed that winter was storytelling season. When the long winter nights settled in and the busy seasons were over, it was time to gather around the fires and pass on tales. We'd like you to help us with that.

  • What tales do you know that you'd like to pass on to new generations?
  • What seasonal observations do you have for us, be it city or country?
  • Can you add something to the Edited Guide that relates to winter, be it weather/climate-related, natural, or involving human activity?
  • Do you have recipes, decorating ideas, or winter activities you would like to share? Tell us about them!

Join us around the virtual campfire and share your tales, poems, stories, and images.

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