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Posted: 30th November 2020

Dutch Angles

An elevator shaft, courtesy of the Library of Congress.Life usually depends a lot on how you look at it. But any way you look at it these days, it frequently seems weirdly annoying and quite possibly dangerous. We aim to help you through it by being at least as weird as Reality itself. At this, we are unbeatable.

We have some good reading for you this week, which we'll tell you about in a minute. Before that, we have some words of advice:

  • Remember to breathe. As long as you are pushing air in and out, you're here. Try to stay here, if you can. If you weren't, we would miss you.
  • Stop and smell the flowers. If you haven't got any flowers handy, explore the cologne assortment in your medicine cupboard. Give yourself an olfactory break. If you aren't into florals, try heating a few spices in water on the stove. Aroma therapy is also a Thing.
  • Listen to music. Or make some of your own. The universe won't criticise.
  • Say to yourself: This, too, shall pass.

Now to distract you with some entertainment, carefully prepared by our elite team of crack[ed] writers and artists:
    Joke about a mean little kid with a fire hose who wants to pretend Nurse is a burning building. Har, har, from 1875.
  • More chapters from the Holes in History stories. We've picked them in the hopes that they will make you want to read the rest of the books. Pretty exciting stuff.
  • Humour, fiction, essay stuff, and blasts from the past. A potpourri for perusal.
  • A cinema review that is really out of this world. A Turkish delight.
  • Really weird photos. I mean, we're talking stellar quality weird, here. Appreciate.
  • Cats and dogs sleeping! Thrilling stuff.
  • More about plants from Willem. He'll explain. You'll love the photos.
  • Odds and ends in which you will discover surprises at every turn.

In short, it's the usual/unusual fun. Cuddle up with it. Leave comments, hopefully of an encouraging nature. Send more Stuff. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Ralph Kent, thirty-two-year-old quantum physicist and world's first Time-Traveler. His initial words upon his reappearance in the laboratory after testing TT are now world-famous. 'Nobody in sixteenth-century England,' he announced, 'seems to understand English.'

Jack Finney, 'Such Interesting Neighbors'

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Video Extra: Windstorm

The Plight of Plants (II)

Pterodiscus ngamicus by Willem




Dragon at Chester Zoo, by SashaQ.


Wars and Rumours of Wars
The death of Joseph Smith, from an old book.


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