A Mystery

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A Mystery

A lift shaft.

The derelict abandoned multi car park

that has a hidden mysterious lift.

It would only appear when it's dark

as well as the appearance of starling or swift

and at the break of dawn or when it rains.

The lift went down for a least four miles

or anyone who drinks champagne or builds model trains

and those who use their charm and their wiles.

There is an underground futuristic eco-city

where there are loch isles and countryside gate stiles

found by erstwhile friends who have big smiles.

It led to a rural seaside village which was very quaint.

It is very picturesque and very traditional and pretty

which leads to a mountainside town that was named after a saint.

It had hotels which kept names of people who will be staying

who are those who have accidentally found the place.

They would be surprised by the snow and with the sleighing

where would find their perfect place to their quiet space.

The abandoned multi car park would keep on moving

and would only appear to those who need it most.

It is a way of escaping to a new world which is always improving

where they will by the coast or where it has a snow post.
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