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Posted: 23rd November 2020

Beware of Dog

Mailbox with paw sticker means 'Beware of Dog', by Dmitri Gheorgheni. See that sticker? The friendly US Postal Service put it on our mailbox the other day. It signifies that there is a dog in our house. This is to help the postal workers by warning them about potential dog hazards.

It is true: we have a dog. For a certain value of the word 'dog'. Lola weighs five pounds. She is not terribly aggressive unless she sees the Large Brown Dog across the street. Then she barks furiously. We don't know why: the Large Brown Dog has never done anything to her. Also, she looks ridiculous. Lola's tendency to growl and bark her tiny head off at very large canine specimens causes other dog walkers to cross the street to avoid her and Elektra. But she has never menaced a postal employee.

We figure it's a 'no exceptions' kind of policy. But the sticker makes us laugh.

Actually, I want to add one of my own. They omitted to post stickers of cats. Our cats are at least twice as big as the dog. Just saying.

Oh, you wanted to know what was in this week's issue of the Post? Sorry, I'll shut up about the postal service and tell you. We have good Stuff for you this week:

    Lola the Dog peeking over a box.
  • A plant extravaganza from Willem. He'll also enlighten you about the importance of plants to our planetary ecosystem. This is A-1 information, and the photos are gorgeous.
  • Amazing nature photography. Sasha taught me something. I didn't know Africa had groundhogs. Okay, that's a rock hyrax. But it looks like a groundhog to me. Cute little beggar. There's a magnificent pigeon. An obligatory cat, etc.
  • More outdoor photography. Sunset, a blue moon, the first snowfall, birds. Tavaron will show you another meaning of the word 'alp'. Beautiful things to look at and learn from.
  • Displays of talent. Sasha's been painting and shares. We are grateful. Our neighbour Pete shares his inflatable turkey. Mrs Hoggett remembers Halloween. Rosa Baggins displays her talent for the mot juste in poetry. Paulh tells a story. So does B4.
  • Humour, as usual. Bluebottle's ongoing tale goes on. Will we ever find out who the daughter of Eve Eel is? Will we do so before the Post Editor dies of pun overdose? Willem's demoness keeps lifting weights. Another strange critter graces our pages.
  • Features. Will Awix survive lockdown and find enough movies to watch? Can you solve the picture quiz? Will I ever stop talking? These and other questions may or may not be answered in this issue of the h2g2 Post.

Get cracking. This magazine won't read itself. Send more Stuff. And have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Could Jane Austen, even with the greatest stretch of the imagination, understand the murders committed by the Charles Manson 'Family'? Our perceptions have certain inbuilt limitations...

Colin Wilson, Strange Powers
She probably would have classed them as 'people one doesn't wish to know.'

Dmitri Gheorgheni, the h2g2 Post

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