What Would You Do?

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What Would You Do?

Michael Fish, a famous BBC former weather forecaster, in front of a weather chart showing Atlantic fronts.

What would you do if I sang out of tune

about the spooning underneath a full moon?

What would you do if could make things better

by painting the town red when wearing a sweater?

What would you do if I could cool down the oceans

by pouring into the seas my special potions?

What would you do if I could refreeze the sea ice

by putting into action the lessons I learned from a sage's advice.

What would you do I could make the sea ice 4 miles deep

in the Arctic and in the Antarctic and to quadruple its length.

What would you do if I could make it easy to fall soundly asleep

by getting tuned into a special wavelength and to achieve inner strength?

Would you join with me in my noble mission?

Would you help me improve my ability of precognition?

Would you join with me and take a trek to the Wansbeck

and go and sit down on garden's patio deck?

Would you join with me in my quest to tame the Atlantic West

where the jet-stream meanders and comes as an unwelcome guest?

What would you do if I completely destroyed the polar vortex.

It's the beastly jet-stream that is always intruding in our space.

It always comes with its uncontrolled fury that it loves to flex

and destroy all chances of cold weather which is a total disgrace.

It is the annual bane of those living in Ireland and Britain

where winter brings nothing but floods that the forecasters have written.
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