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Posted: 12th August 2019


I see it as a
– Robbie Stamp, on what h2g2 is
the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, especially formerly in communist countries of eastern Europe.

Now, what does Robbie mean by that? Your results may vary, but I think he means that Researchers aren't in it to support, applaud, and generally revel in the consumer status quo. Like Ford Prefect, we're doing this incognito (though most of us aren't named for cars), and like Ford, we take a galactic viewpoint. We publish our observations, and hope they'll be picked up by others and passed on. Of such communications are revolutions made: unofficial, unsanctioned, and straight from the head and heart. We've got a lot of that this week.

A dolphin FWR swam with
And oh, yes: this is a Travel Issue!

Researchers have been on the go. They've explored the planet. They want to show you what they found.
  • Minorvogonpoet takes us to Machu Picchu. Now that's a far-flung corner. Let her tell you about it.
  • Freewayriding has been swimming with the dolphins along the Turkish coast, imagine that. He's got an aquatic friend to pose. This photoessay looks right at home on this site, don't you think?
  • A little closer to home, Tavaron visits a thermal pool. It may not be hot-tub temperature, but the waters are pretty special.
  • Practically in her back yard (!), Superfrenchie discovers an alarming sign of the Decline of Civilisation. At first, she was reluctant to share this shocking photo. But we decided the Public had a Right to Know.
  • Willem sees exotic creatures every day. So when he sent in a 'Colours of Wildlife' with the title 'Familiar Chat', I assumed he was going to take it down a notch and give us a fireside talk. Duh. A Familiar Chat is, of course, a very beautiful bird. Go look at it.
  • How exotic are the black-and-white photos? You be the judge. Some take an unusual look at otherwise familiar things. And then bobstafford demonstrates that the ancient Greeks liked Legos….
  • Sure, there are quizzes. And Awix has cinema (with flamethrowers and headbutting and such). And there are jokes, and cartoons, and comics with ongoing stories. (And excruciatingly bad puns. Be the first on your street to spot them!) The dinosaur on the Isle of Wight is pretty exotic. Desideria is out of this world, literally, and takes up two pages. You can't tell me this issue isn't worth a lot more than you paid for it. And can The New Yorker say that? I doubt it.

Enjoy these August days, whatever you're doing. Remember to hydrate. And have a great week!

What woke the Editor up this morning. This is not a good thing to do to someone who's read The Hitchhiker's Guide.

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