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Posted: 20th May 2019

Merry Days Indoors and Out

Hard-working bumblebee out back of the Post Office. Are you like that bumblebee? Working hard, making hay while the sun shines? We've had some lovely, warm spring days around the Post Office, with lots of bird and bee activity. Of course, it being rural western Pennsylvania, we've also had more than our share of rain. At time of writing, the skies are grey, Lola the dog doesn't want to go outside because she will get her feet wet, and we've turned on the heat to take the chill off. Plus ça change. But whether you're engaged in indoor or outdoor activity, you're going to enjoy the current issue of the Post, because it's got lots of both.

Here's a rundown of some of this week's highlights:

    Hoggett cats babysitting.
  • First, there are the Hoggett cats. No, the big one is not related to the little ones. The big one is a tomcat, and he babysits. Bobstafford has cats, too, and is not afraid to photograph them. We even found a cat sculpture – okay, it's a lion. It's religious, by Tilman Riemenschneider. So we're covered on the kitty front.
  • Speaking of nature: Willem has been out in it. Read about the lizard hunt, and admire the specimen. You will not believe your eyes.
  • Paigetheoracle gets out, too, which we're glad of. Once again, he invites us to take a really good look at some tree roots.
  • Prefer to stay indoors during allergy season? We don't blame you. Amy P has more h2g2 reminiscing (with photos). SashaQ reports on the anniversary Meet (also with photo). You can read about cinema, try your hand at the quizzes, laugh at the cartoons and comics, and pore over the fiction and poetry. I brought videos: the musical offering may please Hitchhikers fans.
  • Speaking of poetry: we have a voice from the past, reaching across time and space. We also have a brand-new poem by Pinniped. This poem is the genuine article. It's so high-class that the Post Editor had to work hard to format it. That's how elegant and high-class it is. We hope you will be suitably appreciative. On no account are you to laugh.
  • And ah, the fiction: Freewayriding has done it again. Welcome to his world, somewhere one step beyond the twilight zone. Just take the second wormhole to the right.
  • And then there is Paigetheoracle's personal story involving love, loss, and things that run, swim, and fly. Please read and share your own thoughts and experiences.
  • Awix informs us that this is his 600th review for the h2g2 Post. He suggests that I will claim that 'this is the first time anyone has done the same thing 600 times on the internet.' Not so: the internet also includes 2legs, Bluebottle, and the cat that wantz cheezburgerz. 600 film reviews, however, constitutes a major accomplishment. This week's is really good: be sure to read and appreciate. I want to see these movies, and they're in Japanese.

As you can see, there's a lot to take in, so get busy reading. Remember the Create Challenge – 42 steps – and send us Stuff.
Special Announcement: Saturday, 25 May, is Towel Day. Act accordingly. If you wish your 2019 Towel Photo to be shared representationally on social media, send to postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com, preferably on or before 25 May, and I will put it on Twitter for you. SashaQ will then come and steal the pics and post them on Facebook. It's an equitable division of labour, as I am allergic to FB and SashaQ has mastered all the technologies.

So: read, check, send Stuff, check, know where towel is, check. And have a good week!

Quote of the Week:
Been bird watching this weekend also, to the forests of Magoebaskloof.

Willem (Who else?)
Hoggett cats babysitting.

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