National Anthems of the European Union

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National Anthems of the European Union

We are going to give you a line from a national anthem belonging to a country in the European Union. (For reasons of political uncertainty, the UK will be left out of this quiz.) The line will be in English translation, because that's the language they make me write the Post in. A word or phrase will be left out. Choose the multiple-choice option to correctly complete the lyric.

Remember: it doesn't have to rhyme, it's in translation.

  1. The Netherlands: 'A prince I am, undaunted, Of Orange, ever free, To the _______________ I've granted a lifelong loyalty.'
    • Principles of democracy
    • People of the Windmill
    • Lord God above
    • King of Spain
  2. France: 'To arms, citizens, Form your battalions, Let's march, let's march! Let _____________ water our furrows!'
    • The river of liberty
    • Mothers' tears
    • Impure blood
    • The stream of life
  3. Spain: '______________'
    • Vive España!
    • Long live Franco!
    • You'll never walk alone!
    • Dum-de-dum-dum-dum
  4. Belgium: 'Prosper, O land, in ___________; Always be yourself and serve no other…'
    • riches and honour
    • unbreakable unity
    • freedom from France and the Netherlands
    • fighting spirit
  5. Sweden: 'I know that you are and will become what you were, Yes, I want to live, I want to ___________.'
    • Tell of your glory.
    • Die in the North.
    • Sail for your honour.
    • Defend your good name.
  6. Austria: 'Land of mountains, land by the river, Land of fields, land of cathedrals, Land of __________, with a promising future!'
    • Hammers
    • Meadows
    • People
    • Seafarers
  7. Hungary: 'Long torn by ill fate Bring upon it a time of relief This nation has suffered for all ______of the past …'
    • Sins
    • Invasions
    • Martyrdoms
    • Good deeds
  8. Slovenia: 'May all peoples thrive that yearn to see the day when wheresoever the sun walks,
    strife shall be banished from the world. When every kinsman shall be free and not a ______ but a neighbor shall the adjoining-land's dweller be!'
    • Target
    • Competitor
    • Devil
    • Stranger
  9. Romania: 'Priests, lead with your _________, for our army is Christian…'
    • Prayers
    • Blessings
    • Crucifixes
    • Banners
  10. Greece: [To Liberty] 'I recognize you by the fearsome _________________'
    • Sound of your army
    • Sharpness of your sword
    • Look in your eye
    • Beauty of your gaze

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