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Posted: 26th November 2018

Stories, Songs, and Pictures

Coffee Incident by SuperfrenchieNobody's going to cry over spilt coffee around here. They're too busy reading all the stories, enjoying the videos, and pouring over the photos. A lot of the bounty in this issue – and yes, it's the largest one ever, count 'em, twenty-four items – proceedeth from that annual gift to the Editor, NaJoPoMo. The writing extravaganza that is drawing to its close this week. There's a lot to appreciate, and if you haven't caught up with everyone, this week's sampler will give you a taste of the November smorgasbord.

The December challenge is coming up: the Create Team call it 'The Researcher Who Came in from the Cold', appropriate for the season in the northern climes. Have you ever had a brush with the thrilling world of international intrigue? Were you ever investigated for security clearance? Are you vetted for Top Secret Stuff? Let us know anything that won't blow your cover. If you aren't exactly on a first-name basis with Double-O-Seven, do what any good spy would do: make it up. We're counting on you to provide us with some entertainment in amongst all the holiday tinsel.

So what's up this week? Let's take a look:
I Parked as Lonely as a Cloud by Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • We have wildlife for you to look at: Willem's Cape Sparrows are endearing, SashaQ's yawning fox will make you laugh, my friend Randy's hawk is a wonder, and Chris Morris has a birdie that will make you go 'aw'.
  • Wrap your head around some puzzles: UK laws, old carriage nomenclature, and why some people think we should wire our brains directly to the software. Also figure out why Awix keeps going to see Harry Potter movies.
  • There is the Obligatory Cat. He seems not so much obligatory as very, very knowing.
  • There is humour. There are insane ideas. Some of which are humorous. There are aliens. What would the Post be without aliens? Almost as obligatory as cats.
  • And then there are the writers. Topics covered:
    1. Books.
    2. Weather!
    3. Moving house.
    4. Politically Incorrect Product Labels.
    5. How to save space. (This does not involve astronauts.)
    6. How to avoid writing a journal. (Expert level. Do not try this at home.)
  • Antique Racer by Deek
  • Paigetheoracle finishes his tale of the Sorceror's Apprentice.
  • SashaQ has a new silent movie to show you. Like the first one, it's a Brony tale and an instant classic. There's also a soothing music video. Close your eyes if you don't like moving pianos.
  • There are other surprises to be found in these pages. We leave you to find them.

So read, enjoy, share on social media. Think about spies. Send more Stuff! It's snowing outside, and the Editor has no plans to go anywhere.

Stay warm/cool/dry/fat and sassy, wherever you are! And have a good week!

Create December 2018 by Freewayriding
December Create Challenge:
The Researcher Who Came in from the Cold

Dmitri Gheorgheni




  • Video

  • Quiet music, restless piano.

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