December 2018 Create Challenge: The Researcher Who Came in from the Cold

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December 2018 Create Challenge: The Researcher Who Came in from the Cold

The Researchers who came in from the cold

The other day, the Core Team were chatting, as they are wont to do in their secret Fortress of Solitude. The CT members discovered something in common: they had all been in situations that provided brief glimpses into the exciting (cough) world of secrets and espionage.

  • The Post Editor, for example, once entered a classroom on a military base, only to find documents marked 'SECRET' on all the desks. What happened next? This will be revealed.
  • Superfrenchie discovered a sign on a French military base: 'This photocopier should not be used for SECRET or TOP SECRET documents.'

The Create Team, of course, will neither confirm nor deny any of these stories.

Have you ever been an unwitting spy? If you were a real spy, we wouldn't expect you to admit it, although of course, if you'd like to tell all, we'll pass your usernames on to Edward Snowden....

If you don't have a real story, make one up! Submit some fiction, spy photography, or a poem! Or write a Guide Entry about spies. We already have some good tales, such as Spying Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be: The Case of George Dasch. Add to the lore around here.


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