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Saving Space

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It’s just as well that the Kindle has saved the space that would otherwise be occupied by a couple of hundred paperbacks. Over the last month I’ve been clearing out the garage of life’s detritus that has accumulated there over the past few years as one thing after another has found its was there to be stored until needed. A small hillock of books wouldn’t have helped any.

I started the clear out by putting ‘stuff’ into piles of similar priority, stuff that I’m looking for now, stuff that I keep that’s used from time to time, and stuff that might come in handy sometime. All of the stuff that’s to do with paddling has suddenly become redundant. Three BAs, (life jackets) spare paddles, waterproof clobber and car roof bars all to go. Some of moved to the shed at the bottom of the garden postponing the inevitable, the rest to go.

A couple of finished model aeroplanes that were flown years ago, damaged and stored pending repair that never happened. Now dusty, dry and brittle very unlikely to get fixed any time soon… binned. One scale model Spitfire, that got half built to get photographed to illustrate a h2 guide entry. That’s the one on constructing rubber powered scale models. Keeping that one as I’d still like to finish it for old times 'sake.

Half tins of decorating paints brushes, rollers and fluids. Almost a dustbin full. Paints that were saved from the decorating the time before the scheme that exists at the moment. Absolutely no sloshing sound from inside the tins when shaken. Obviously beyond redemption… binned.

Various electrical tools that have gone wrong. A lawn scarifier that doesn’t scarify. A hover mower that hovers too high and the blades don’t make contact with the grass. A jig saw that doesn’t jig. Two rolls of carpet off cuts, one large piece now on the floor, the rest binned. Three car batteries, one works enough to power a lead light when charged, the others dead as doornails. They’re heading for the recycling centre. A lead light that doesn’t work but might just need another bulb. Various hand tools lying around that should have been put away when finished with. Now in a pile to be cleaned and put back in the tool cabinet.

But, the main spacer takers are three motor cycles. My Triumph Bonneville, all in one piece but not used since 2000 when I returned from the National Rally having covered around 400 miles in 24 hours to get a silver medal. Now requires a strip and TLC. A Honda VFR 600, one of the first made and still mostly in one piece. My son’s old bike that I bought from him intending to do a restoration project. A Triumph T100ss in its component pieces. I bought this from a work colleague who had stripped it down to refurbish. It needs a complete rebuild and I’m not sure if it is all there, but I’ve got the parts list to check it out. Only the Bonnie is likely to get the work it needs. For the other two projects I’m looking in m/cycle mags for suitable places to dispose of them.

But they’re still taking up space.

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