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Ah, the weather. Ah, how they love to talk about it.

Weather Forum Antics

It's that time year at the weather forums where the battle between those who love cold weather and those who love mild weather starts. Here is a story (exaggerated) of what it could be like. I am sorry I am a day late but I will make it up today as I have just finished my online weather course.

At the Solar activity thread, which was going into meltdown with forum members getting over excited about going into solar minimum.

"Wow, the sunspot activity has been very low this year, and we are at 15 days sun spotless days and the total this year there has been 181 days of sun spotless days. We'll know what that means, more Northern Blocking, particularly around Greenland and perhaps even Canadian Warming event."

At this moment several weather forum members have started to faint as they are overcome with the thought of higher chances of getting colder temperatures and heavy snow this coming winter for the British Isles and Ireland.

Captain Cold said "I hope that the final count of sun spotless days will exceed 211 and that the solar flare unit will decrease from 67 to 65".

Other people on the solar activity agreed with Captain Cold even Killer Frost, the Weather Wizard, Iceman and Storm were getting over excited at the prospect of a lower than average solar flare unit along with a very quiet sun.

Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart has become a profession meteorologist and told all the excited Coldies (Cold weather fans) that even the waters of the Baring Straits have been dramatically cooled down by Killer Frost aka Caitlin Snow and the Ice Man aka Bobby Drake. While Storm aka Ororo Munroe and The Weather Wizard aka Mark Mardon have gone down to the Pacific (the waters off Peru) to go and create a weak El Nino. Later on they will go to the Atlantic to create a triangle where there are warm temperatures at the top, cold temperatures in the middle and warm temperatures below. This will greatly increases the chances of colder weather for the whole of Europe.

At the Model discussion threads the meteorologists weather model charts were not having anything of predications of cold weather. There will be strong polar vortex, SW winds with the gulf stream coming through the UK and Ireland. It will become very wet and windy with 100 mph+ winds as well as 12 hours or more of heavy rain and this will last until three weeks or more. There will be no sunshine with mild temperatures will be 10 degrees warmer than the seasonal normal temperature going up to 20 Celsius. According to all the weather models this will last until March but there will be warnings of draught as there has not been enough rain even when there have been widespread floods even in the South East of England. There will be weeks of heavy than average precipitation.

This got Captain Cold fuming as well members of the Coldies super-humans club as they changed the climate. Franklin Richards with the power of his imagination has added trees to all the forests of the world and have Ents guarding the forest trees. Franklin Richards, Supergirl, Superboy, Superman and Powergirl came to the rescue by creating a Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event by mid-November. It was the most intense Stratospheric Warming Event which has the most warmest it ever has and it completely decimated the powerful polar vortex . It was in the sweet spot which should bring colder than average winter temperatures which did not impress the meteorologists who still insisted that it will like 2015 when there was a super strong El Nino and there was a very wet, mild and windy winter for the British Isles and Ireland.

All quiet on the Solar Activity front as there have been murmurings that we could be going into a grand solar minimum which has sent many forums and social networking sites into meltdown. In the British Isles and Ireland and other places in Europe where the thought of a colder than average winter has sent all the Chionophiles1
into a frenzy where they have all gone on to social networking sites especially on the weather forum sites which have all gone down due to the higher amount of users, especially new users which gone up by thousands.

Captain Cold has been working non-stop with the cold-weather-loving superheroes in making sure that Europe gets cold weather and to reverse all the climate change damage and other wrongs. Suddenly these environmental stalwarts who have been hiding on weather forums have come to the public notice which has embarrassed world governments greatly, especially those who are in denial. The Arctic has been refrozen, there are more trees in the Rainforests of the world which has suffered from illegal logging and to protect them they are now protected by Ents. The air, atmosphere, seas, oceans, rivers, waterways have all been made free from all pollution. This has helped the planet to heal and to restore the seasons in the world were there are now defined seasons where there is seasonable weather as weather should be.

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1Chionophiles= People who find comfort in cold weather, particularly snowy weather. (Editor's note: This confused me until I remembered the Greek word for 'snow'.)

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