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Posted: 12th November 2018

Everybody's Talking at Me

Seafoam by bobstaffordIt's November. Have you NaJo'd yet? Lots of people are talking: they're writing stories, telling what they've been doing since you heard from them last, recommending books to read, etc. The Post NaJo is photos again this year. That's one bobstafford took over on the left. See some more on this page, and remember to check out our Pics from a Small Planet archive for more of the good stuff. Elsewhere in this issue, there's a list of the registered NaJos for your greater surfing convenience. Share and enjoy!

It's that time of year, at least in the north temperate zone. You know, when you get mad at the sky for turning dark too early? When you resent needing those extra layers of clothing? When you're tired of cloudy days, and hope your 'flu shot is going to be effective this year? When you wake up at 5 am and wonder why the five-pound dog is howling when there's no full moon, only to figure out she must have scarfed a hot dog when nobody was looking and now has gas? Oh, that last one was just me, I guess. Anyway, we've got the cure for the after-Halloween-but-before-Thanksgiving blues: a really full issue with cool things to read, watch, look at, and get a chuckle from.

A few highlights:
Beautiful Sky by Superfrenchie

  • Willem shows us that even the less exotic birds can be beautiful. Let him tell you about the shortclawed lark.
  • Enjoy a wide variety of photos this week. Some, like this evening sky by Superfrenchie, are stunning. Of course, they're not all that way. Beware: we have funny signs, and unlikely objects, and other surprising finds. There's even a stinkbug. Be glad this isn't Smellovision.
  • We don't have much fiction this time, but Paigetheoracle shares an insightful story. It is appropriately titled 'Story'. We don't make these things up. Somebody else does. We just publish 'em.
  • There are three quizzes this week, if you count the Mystery Photo. The Mystery Photo may or may not have you scratching your heads. Have a try at these.
  • The Post Editor is proud to have been part of this week's video project. The opportunity to collaborate with two first-rate action heroes like TJ the cat and Farmer Hoggett was a rare and wonderful experience. We think you'll enjoy this one, particularly if you're getting bored with those Marvel superheroes.
  • We have lots of cartoons. Some are funny. Some are trying. Still others aim at making you think. When you get tired of them, try reading the signs in Suzie Q's Tips for Lazy Tour Guides.
  • Vole by Chris Morris
  • Awix is back with words about cinema. We offer you a playlist of 100% free Youtube enjoyment. There is the usual useless advice to ignore.

Remember: NaJo goes on all month, so keep reading and commenting, keep writing, and keep sending photos! What we can't fit in the dailies, we'll be sure to include in the Post. It is absolutely amazing what Researchers see through their viewfinders. It's a virtual round-the-world tour.

Keep warm out there! Wrap up, and don't stop for panhandling possums. They're probably shilling for the bears. Practice your choir music: Christmas will be here before you know it.

And have a good week!

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