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Fun with Music

An old-fashioned gramophone

Where do you go when you want some good music? Do you reach for your CD collection, or those old vinyl discs, gramophone records, or even wax cylinders you've got lying around? Do you turn on the radio, grab your MP3 player, or see what's on iTunes?

Do you like musical laughter? We've got some suggestions. They're all on Youtube, they won't cost you anything, and you might learn something about music in the process.

A Humorous Playlist

  1. Do you like mashups? Try this 'Classical Music Mashup' by Grantwoolard. You can keep score with the, er, score: composers' heads substitute for music notes. It's lively, and you'll enjoy, whether you're musically literate or not. Watch for a little John Williams snuck in there amidst the Beethoven and Boccherini.
  2. Does Google Translate give you a giggle? Do you like a great vocalist? Malinda Kathleen Reese is a young woman with a knockout voice and a sense of humour that won't quit. She belts out the lyrics that Google Translate has so kindly provided. In this excerpt, she tells us that, unlike Celine Dion, she will be in her 'bowels' when Titanic sinks. Oh, just listen to it.
  3. The Spooky Men's Chorale are a group of men from Australia who sing. In one of their songs they insist that they are 'not a men's group. We are men. We sing.' If you like this Abba version, you'll love the rest of what they do. They can be subscribed to, like all these other performers. And yes, the conductor always wears that hat.
  4. Brazilian classical pianist Fabrizio Vinheteiro is mad as a hatter. At least, that's the impression you get when you watch videos such as 'Worst Musical Instrument Ever! Frankly, I think he plays a mean slide whistle, for one, and besides, that song deserves this treatment. But boy, can that guy tickle the ivories. Try out 'How to Destroy Classical Music'. The answer? Just add drums.
  5. The Melodica Men are brilliant, and have truly mastered the art of circular breathing. Also of wearing appropriate costumes when playing great classics on their melodicas. Watch this bravura performance of the ever-popular '1812 Overture' by Tchaikovsky. You will want to take up melodica, as I have.
  6. Weebl's Stuff is an addictively ridiculous channel. Do you remember 'Russian Dancing Men'? If so, you can probably guess that the songs are repetitive, absurd, and so catchy that they constitute assault by earworm. If the Dancing Men are driving you nuts, try a palate-cleanser in the form of 'Dirty Girls Love Benedict Cumberbatch'. We're warning you, though: this sort of thing is worse than the Badger Song. Use with caution.
  7. If you get really bored, you might want to try my channel, which features cats, backyard wildlife, and the occasional weirdly moving musical instrument.

You know any good funny music video channels? Share below!

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