Post Quiz: Youtube History

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Post Quiz: Youtube History

Youtube: We can't imagine how we lived without it. See how much you know or can remember.

  1. It seems as if Youtube had always existed. In reality, it wasn't founded until….
    • 1920.
    • 1993.
    • 1995.
    • 2005.
  2. Youtube's first headquarters was in…
    • One Police Plaza, New York City.
    • The Sears Tower.
    • Chad Hurley's mom's basement.
    • An office above a pizzeria.
  3. The very first Youtube video showed…
    • One of the founders at the San Diego Zoo.
    • One of the founders trying to fix a computer.
    • Someone singing in the shower.
    • A cat.
  4. In 2006, Youtube received the honour of…
    • Winning an Emmy Award for 'best alternative to television'.
    • Entering the Guinness Book of Records for most pictures of cats shared.
    • Becoming Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year'.
    • Being viewed in space.
  5. The first Youtube video to garner more than 1 billion views was….
    • Maru the cat.
    • 'My Dance Recital' by Tiffany.
    • 'Gangnam Style'.
    • 'The Kiss' by Thomas Edison.
  6. Currently, the most-subscribed channel on Youtube is….
    • PewDiePie.
    • Justin Bieber.
    • Maru the cat.
    • Dmitri Gheorgheni.
  7. 7 million people in Austria subscribe to the Red Bull channel, making it the most popular in that country. It features….
    • Only commercials for Red Bull energy drink, but they're really funny.
    • Videos of sporting stunts, such as Felix Baumgartner's balloon jump from the edge of space.
    • All music, all the time, most of it peppy.
    • Bulls from around the world, often in compromising positions.
  8. The most-viewed music video of all time on Youtube was….
    • Gangnam Style.
    • Despacito.
    • The 'Numa Numa' song.
    • Kraftwerk's 'Ich lieb' dich nicht'.
  9. Videos sometimes 'go viral'. The enormously popular 'Charlie Bit My Finger' features….
    • Charlie Sheen and his sitcom costars in court.
    • A retrospective of the work of Charlie Chaplin.
    • A surrealistic collage by Salvador Dali.
    • One-year-old Charlie and three-year-old Harry.
  10. In defiance of all logic and musical taste, the only recording artist to have five videos exceeding one billion views is….
    • Rebecca Black.
    • Florence Foster Jenkins.
    • Justin Bieber.
    • Lee Marvin.

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