How PoMo Is Your NaJo?

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How PoMo Is Your NaJo?

NaJoPoMo, November 2018 Create Challenge

Okay, dorky title. But it beats 'What's Going on During NaJoPoMo?' The annual writing extravaganza that Solnushka moved to Moscow just to stick me with. Spacibo, Solnushka.

This year's offerings are really good. (I'm trying not to sound too surprised.) We've got everything from serialised fiction to photos to travel to actual useful advice. Which means the Post Editor didn't write it.

Pick something and read. You'll be glad you did.

What's on at the NaJo Bijou

  • Freewayriding is telling a dark and scary (to me!) post-apocalyptic fantasy story called Freedom Found.
  • Paulh has a serial called Cursedmass.
  • SashaQ eschews fiction for interesting fact and tells us about Birds.
  • Bluebottle, as usual, tells you about whatever comes into his head. That includes some pretty interesting stuff.
  • Minorvogonpoet is writing about books. Find some tips for your winter reading list.
  • Amy Pawloski is telling us about her family's move to Tennessee. The Post Editor, who is from Tennessee, is fascinated, but you can ignore our exchange of dialect and such.
  • The h2g2 Post is running photos from Contributors, as usual. Don't miss these stunning pictures!
  • Deek is talking about kayaking and other leisure pursuits. Stop by and chat.
  • ITIWBS will be talking about something. Once he gets through testing out the time zones.
  • Rosa Baggins started off talking about the weather, but who knows where she'll end up? It should be a fun ride.

That's the lot so far as the h2g2 Post as been apprised. Share and enjoy. Talk among yourselves.

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