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Posted: 29th January 2018

Things to Do in February

Super Bowl requisitesThis just in: it's still winter in the northern hemisphere. Whether this means snow, wind, rain, or just general grumpiness, it's important to keep busy. Here at the h2g2 Post, we have a number of suggestions for you.

  • If you're in North America, you could always watch the Super Bowl. That will be on next Sunday. It involves men in funny costumes running about in pursuit of an oblate spheroid, which they persist in calling a 'ball'. Those of us who would rather visit the dentist than observe this spectacle will probably tune in the much more attractive Puppy Bowl, which features young dogs doing the same thing the players do, only with more cuteness and for far less money. Either way, you'll want some snack food, which is why the Post Editor has purchased these fashionable paper-and-plastic Super Bowl items to show you. Always be in fashion while eating unhealthy snacks. Now that I've got the photo, I'm going to give this snack set to the assistant pastor. He's a big sports fan.
  • By the time the Super Bowl rolls around, the United States will know its fate. No, we're not talking about those nincompoops in Washington. They've already gone back to 'work'. We refer, of course, to the all-important subject of Weather. On 2 February, Phil the Groundhog will make his prognostication from high atop Gobbler's Knob, about an hour's drive from the Post Office. We have a thrilling background story for you in this issue.
  • Tracks in the snow
  • Speaking of weather (and who isn't), can you read the mysterious signs of nature? If so, you may want to check in with our photo essay and offer your insights. Snow, apparently, is good for writing upon, and the wildlife around the Gheorgheni Sanctuary is leaving us notes. We think they say either, 'Vogon Destructor Fleet Coming' or 'Refill the Bird Feeder, Please'.
  • Whether you live in North America or sunny (too sunny?) Polokwane, or rainy (always!) Manchester or Liverpool, you'll want to be informed. Check out Willem's Colours of Wildlife for a fascinating look at a colourful bird, and let SashaQ show you some rainbows1 and talk about technology. Speaking of technology, we have a captionable picture. It's all about some people doing something surprising with baseballs and farm equipment…
  • You could stop thinking about the weather by thinking about mermaids. They're all over this issue again. We've created a monster… You will thrill to the story and song of the siren Lorelei, while FWR has the exciting conclusion to 'Spreading the Love' this week.
  • That doesn't mean we stop spreading the love. In fact, that's the Create topic for February. All month, we want you to be thinking about how to make Planet Earth a more loving place. Check it out, and get those articles, stories, and photos ready.
  • Benjaminpmoore has some relevant thoughts about spreading the love. Please be sure to read his 'Everything Is Not OK' column. Please leave comments. Maybe we can brainstorm some solutions to problems here.
  • Juno, by NASA
  • Remember to look at the night sky this week. There's a supermoon, it's 'blue', and there might be an eclipse where you are. Remember? Galaxy Babe explained all that.
  • You could go to the movies. Awix has reviewed the latest super-exciting film in which newspaper people stand around being noble about their role in the political process. He has also helpfully listed the Oscar nominees, and explained what form of political correctness is involved in each nomination. You probably need this information in order to discuss knowledgeably at the water cooler.
  • You can always put another log on the fire and read the rest of the Post. We have some funnies. We have some quizzes for you. Bluebottle's outdone himself this week: who else could make a whole quiz out of the letter X? We have some more useless advice for you to moan about. Read it all: don't leave any of the goodies out.

Remember: in the last two thousand years, spring has come every year but one2. So we're pretty confident that, no matter how bad it looks outside, this won't last forever. The sun will put in an appearance one of these days. It will finally rain in Polokwane. My chiropractor will straighten out the kinks in my back. (He said, 'We'll fix this!' and I believe him.) Whatever we don't like will eventually pass. In the meantime, let's work on making the planet a better place. And maybe put on a pot of coffee and break out the snacks.

Have a good week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Violet-Eared Waxbill by Willem.
  • Rainbow by SashaQ.



  • February 2018 Create Challenge by Freewayriding.

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