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More Mermaids

A mermaid in a bathtub. Thanks to Carol Highsmith.

What's better than Google Translate? Really overzealous human translators. Here's a good one of Heine's poem 'Die Lorelei'. Which is, of course, about a mermaid who hung around the River Rhein.

My favourite translation is the one from the novel Sarah Binks, which contains the immortal line, 'And ruefully flows the Clean.' (Und ruhig fließt der Rhein…) However, that book is not Public Domain, so you're getting this 1910 translation instead. It's by one Henry Brownfield Scott, from his book The Lorelei, and Other Poems with Prose Settings.

We hope you're enjoying the mermaids this month.

An English translation of the Lorelei by Heine

If you wish to view the calliope video and hear it in all its hideousness, please make sure you are using the Pliny Skin. Otherwise, go to this link and prepare to have your ears and eyes assaulted.

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