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It's another quiz round dedicated to the Isle of Wight's dialect1.



This week is the letter V, which was often substituted for another letter to make words sound softer than elsewhere.

Quick Fire Round


Can You match the correct words from the meanings listed below?

Isle of Wight

Vall InMove air around or winnow corn
Vall outTo fall down
VanTo bring
VetchDog fond of lying in front of a fire
Vire panSmall pancakes
Vire SpanielPart of a horse's leg
VittenFire shovel
VlittersSmall insect like a flea or fly
VlopDisagree or quarrel
VolleySheep enclosure
VreeAgree or arrange to meet up

Main Round

Isle of Wight

There are three possible answers listed for each word below, but only one is correct. Can You guess which is right?


  • Lack of success.
  • Progress, also wages.
  • Lacy thing sometimes inexplicably worn on front of the face at weddings.


  • To work smoothly.
  • Someone who has been done away.
  • Vacant – specifically the type of lock found on toilet cubicle doors that shows red for engaged, green for vacant and thus completely useless for the 10% of men who are red/green colour-blind.

Vare Out

  • To be overcharged.
  • To light an emergency flare.
  • To plough the field's first furrow.


  • To clean, particularly cowshed and/or stable.
  • The opposite of kold.
  • The V-Shaped 'Live long and prosper' hand/arm sign.


  • Hazardous
  • Someone who risks travelling to Ventnor.
  • Frustration felt when a vending machine swallows your coins.


  • Space probe launched by the Isle of Wight's Black Knight rocket that, having travelled through a wormhole, has returned to Earth looking for its creator.
  • The purring noise made by a cat trying hard to convey a sense of not enjoying being stroked.
  • Brag, boast and swagger.


  • A vineyard.
  • The end and/or finish line.
  • Mouldy.


  • Something used to drive away or kill flies.
  • Woolly sheep skin.
  • Strange running style.


  • To disobey.
  • Something incapable of sinking in water.
  • To speak ill of


  • A mother.
  • The lead animal in a flock that the others are following.
  • To flutter.


  • Type of Y-shaped capacitor that, when subjected to speeds of 88mph, makes time-travel possible.
  • For a winged animal to fly at and attack someone or something with its wings.
  • To flush a toilet.


  • Headstrong, also straightforward.
  • Hair on the forehead that keeps getting in the way of your right eye.
  • The lead horse in a team of four.


  • To sell power tools and fixings.
  • Cut underwood
  • Fifth.


  • Noise made by a French lion and/or Vulcan bomber on take-off.
  • Frozen
  • A special V-shaped oar used for rowing against the tide.

Vull Butt

  • Haemorrhoids.
  • To have no more left – to have loosed all your arrows at the target.
  • At full speed, also suddenly.

Click on the picture for the answers!

Map of the Isle of Wight in words.
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1Preserved in publications including A Glossary of Isle of Wight Words by Major Henry Smith and Charles Roach Smith (1876), A Dictionary of Isle of Wight Dialect by WH Long (1886), Isle of Wight Dialect by Jack Lavers MBE (1988), The Encyclopedia of Isle of Wight Words, Placenames, Legends, Books and Authors by Edward Turner (1900) and The English Dialect Dictionary ed. Joseph Wright (1906). Other works include poem A Dream of the Isle of Wight by Mrs Mary Moncrieff (1863) and Legends and Lays of the Isle of Wight by Percy Goddard Stone (1911).

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