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Hello, and welcome to the latest in the quiz series dedicated to the Isle of Wight's dialect, as preserved in various publications1.


This week we have words brought to you by the letter N. This means we are over halfway through the alphabet, so here is a suitable smiley to celebrate:


Quick Fire Round

Can You correctly identify which is the correct animal from these jumbled-up options below?

Nine EyesSheep

Main Round

Half Eaten

Can You identify which of the three meanings is the correct one for the words below?


  • Veteran of the Vietnam War
  • Lunch
  • A coney-catcher's net

Near's a Toucher

  • Bar maid
  • Very near and/or a close shave
  • Ship wrecked on the ledges off West Wight.

Necessary House

  • Privy
  • Customs and Revenue building
  • Prison


  • Necktie or scarf
  • Affectionate hug
  • House or dwelling

Newse the Matter

  • Someone sentenced to be hung on the gallows.
  • An upsetting news story.
  • As it should be or nearly correct.


  • Cheating or acting unfairly
  • Itching or scratching
  • A leech.


  • A small handful.
  • Notorious, wicked and incorrigible.
  • A ninny or nincompoop.

Nipper Chap

  • Spidercrab
  • Fish that, despite being hooked on the line, gets away.
  • Teenager


  • Small or baby crab
  • Ball of wool.
  • Nor yet

Nubby Joe

  • Lumpy custard
  • Walking Stick
  • Physically attractive young fellow.


  • Agricultural chain used as a weapon in time of invasion.
  • Food eaten between breakfast and dinner
  • Abbess or head sister.

Nuss Tenden

  • Someone nursing another.
  • Tithe, 10% of earnings given to sick and elderly.
  • Greenhouse or enclosed area used to protect young, delicate plants.

Click on the picture for the answers!

Map of the Isle of Wight in words.
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1These include A Glossary of Isle of Wight Words by Major Henry Smith and Charles Roach Smith (1876), A Dictionary of Isle of Wight Dialect by WH Long (1886), Isle of Wight Dialect by Jack Lavers (1988), The Encyclopedia of Isle of Wight Words, Placenames, Legends, Books and Authors by Edward Turner (1900) and The English Dialect Dictionary ed. Joseph Wright (1906). Other works include poem A Dream of the Isle of Wight by Mrs Mary Moncrieff (1863) and Legends and Lays of the Isle of Wight by Percy Goddard Stone (1911).

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