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I bet you were expecting to see the answers, but no – I thought I'd confuse you all and sneak in another page of questions…

Quick Fire Round: Winter and Weather


Like everyone else, who on the Isle of Wight doesn't enjoy talking about the weather. Can You identify the correct meteorological terms from those listed below?

Isle of Wight

ScudWet mud
Shelten InSoaking wet
ShrammedTwilight, shortening of days
ShrillDrizzling rain
SluttishNumb or frozen with cold
SlushSudden light shower of rain
SoggedVery Cold

Quick Fire Round: All Creatures Great and Small

Can You match the correct animals from those listed below? Bonus points are available if you make animal noises while doing it.

Isle of Wight

SkentYoung growing pig
SkenterYoung growing pigs
SlipsTo feed animals
SmellersLooseness in cattle.
SnigHen ready to sit on eggs
SquittersDiarrhoea in cattle
Stoon-hossWeak, starving animal
StoutLast milk drawn from a cow being milked
Straddle-bobAnimal that would not fatten
StrokensCat's whiskers

Another Main Round

Isle of Wight

As before, there are three possible answers listed for each word below, but only one is correct. Can You guess which is right?


  • Something of significance.
  • To provide a caption for a picture or photograph.
  • Intention


  • In my opinion.
  • Nickname of the Simple Simon who spoke to the pieman.
  • What the preacher gives at church.

Sitten Britches

  • Clothes with padded bottoms, worn when expecting to spend long times sitting on hard surfaces such as church pews.
  • Visitors who have outstayed their welcome.
  • Tablecloth.


  • Skeleton
  • Skimmed milk or cream.
  • Someone who is very thin.


  • Riding a horse bareback.
  • To fall over when climbing a slippery slope.
  • Clumsy, loutish, ignorant person.


  • A poorly-harnessed horse cart.
  • Slovenly or dirty woman.
  • A slagheap.


  • Pot-based noodle snack – just add hot water.
  • Someone snoozing.
  • Nestle close together.


  • A snooty, snobby snob.
  • Ploughing a snowy, frozen field.
  • Snuffle and/or talk through the nose.


  • Staying somewhere briefly.
  • A soldier.
  • Lacemaking.


  • Somewhere.
  • At some time.
  • Maths, adding of sums.


  • Glasses.
  • Stuttering.
  • To rush, suddenly increase speed.


  • Demand made by a highwayman.
  • Candlestick holder.
  • Quarrel


  • A tortoise.
  • Startle
  • Meteorite or shooting star.

Click on the picture for the answers (or are there more questions?)

Map of the Isle of Wight in words.
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