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Posted: 27th November 2017

All the Way Home

A secluded country road. NaJoPoMo, our annual writing festival, is almost at an end. The Editor would like to offer a hearty thanks to all who participated, especially to the numerous h2g2 photographers who sent us images for our 'Pics from a Small Planet' project. The photos are amazing, and the discussions have been what you call 'lively', when what you really mean is 'Gee, I never thought of it that way before, but now that you mention it…', followed by, 'Wow, I never knew that!' In other words, pretty mind-boggling stuff. And if we didn't run a photo you sent during November – which, for the sake of planetary sanity, only has 30 days – rest assured that the Editor will be using them at some point. Creativity never goes to waste around here.

Speaking of creativity and mind-bogglingness and pictures and such. . . 1 December begins the new Create challenge. For this one, you don't have to write (or read) something every day. But you might need to move your armchair to the other side of the room, just to see what looks different from there. Our topic is 'The View from Here'. The Create Team want you to mull over changing perspectives. Has anything ever made you see the world differently? Moving house? Going away? Coming back? Growing up, or getting older? Tell us about it. Or show us. We aim to keep your brains agile through December, even as your bodies vegetate in Comfy Chairs while ingesting tasty holiday comestibles.
Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty in her Sitting Box (Patent Pending).
Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty is in her Sitting Box, meditating on the treasures contained in this super bumper issue. (Count 'em and be astonished!). What's on the 'can't-miss' list this week? Behold:

  • Outdoor treats from Willem. A wildebeest! I don't know about you, but if somebody says 'South African wildlife', the first thing that pops into my head is 'wildebeest'. This one's gorgeous. But Willem isn't finished yet! This week, he throws in a nature walk for lagniappe. You will be green with envy when you see what he strolled by on a ramble (and photographed).
  • Icy North also sees wild life on his walks to and from the commuter train. Okay, they aren't wildebeests. But they do have, er, furry heads. Help us caption these noisy specimens.
  • Sooner or later, Awix will go and see a film this week. He can't stay out of a cinema for more than seven days without beginning to fade into an Unreal Dimension. And when he gets out of the cinema, he will send us a review. Then and only then will we be able to tell you what it is. But it will be worth waiting for.
    And yes! It is an unusual offering involving Liverpool. FWR, take note! Your favourite city is in the cinema news! Go and read this review.
  • The quizzes are there to keep everybody awake. Bluebottle's will fit your Isle-of-Wight knowledge needs to a T. In addition, Bluebottle's found another sign of the times for you to ponder and comment on. The Editor found a weird sign, too, around the corner from the doctor's office.
  • Lola the Doglet with her pet stuffed lamb, demanding equal time with cats.
  • The month's haul of photos has included a lot of wildlife, so we rounded some of them up in a Nature Report. h2g2ers really do go outside sometimes. There's also startling news about the limpets in Cornwall.
  • If you will recall, a few weeks ago, Awix gave us his opinion on the latest Christie film. This week, the Ninja Reviewer tackles a related topic: that Moustache. There is photographic evidence. You will be enlightened and awed by Belgian moustaches.
  • Galaxy Babe is back! We welcome her, and rejoice in a new Babe Among the Stars. Long may she twinkle in our sky.
  • Benjaminpmoore is back, too. It's like Old Home Week. He tells us another reason Everything Is Not OK, but that's okay by us. We like to talk.
  • That's about it, except for the usual humour, snark, and advice to start arguments with. Enjoy.
Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty having the Last Word.
So get reading! Comment, get inspired, plan revenge. Send more photos. Tell us what you're doing this month. We'd like to know about the concerts, open-air markets, travel experiences, oddities and what-have-you that you run into as you go about your end-of-year business. Stay warm/cool/dry/whatever is seasonally appropriate to your corner of the planet, and have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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