December 2017 Create Challenge: The View from Here

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December 2017 Create Challenge: The View from Here

December 2017

Have you ever heard people say, 'It all depends on your point of view'? Things look a lot different from the top of the mountain from the way they look at the bottom of the valley, don't they? For one thing, the sun comes up a lot later down in the hollow.

On the day when I'm writing this [DG], I had an interesting experience. Around lunchtime, I was in an office looking out a (very clean) window. The office was on the third floor, and the building was on the highest hill in town. From where I stood, I could see another office building – on the second-highest hill in town. There were roads and buildings down below.

Now, it happened that the next place I was going was. . . you guessed it: the office building on the second-highest hill. When I got there, I stood in the parking lot and looked out over the roads and the buildings. I could see where I'd just been. It was an interesting view: the building looked smaller from here. Okay, you see what I mean.

What we'd like you to do this December is to tell us what you can see from your point of view.

  • Does growing older give you a different view of events? Do you see something differently now that you're grown up, or on the other side of 30?
  • Has moving from one place to another ever given you a different perspective on life?
  • Did you ever have an experience that changed the way you saw an idea or event in a new way? How did it affect you?
  • Does the setting, or the people you're with, affect the way you see things?
  • Have you celebrated milestones or holidays in unusual places? Did it change your viewpoint?

Want to contribute a Guide Entry? We'd welcome Entries that illuminate different points of view about events, locations, inventions. . . even recipes! One human's delicacy is another's 'spinach, and to hell with it'.

Itching to make art? Have your digital camera ready? Challenge our viewpoints with the ones in your lens finder.

Don't just doze through the holidays! Be observant, and share your points of view with us!


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