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Posted: 4th September 2017

Where Did h2g2 Go. . . ?

Deepest, darkest Cumbria, waiting for a signal. . . . during the summer holidays? All sorts of places. We'll be showing you in the weeks to come, as the reports keep landing in the Post Office inbox. This week, we're bringing you Freewayriding's story. He and his family were extremely adventurous and went off the grid: no, not Siberia. Or Antarctica. Or the Outback. Cumbria. Or as FWR said, 'Deepest, darkest Cumbria.' Yep. The UK, too, can be one of the internet-dark places of the earth, as I believe Joseph Conrad did not remark. Anyway, you're sure to love this story of frontier bravery and enjoyment of life on the edge. Next week, you get rainbows and a cruise. The world is full of wonderful things, and sooner or later, h2g2 Researchers will find them all.

We have lots of amazing Stuff for you this week, so let's get right to it.
Messing about in boats in Cumbria

  • Willem's still up to monkey business. This one reminds us of a certain mythological figure, wonder why?
  • Speaking of mysterious animals, Fluff the Cat is one. He looks like a tough guy, but here he is, cat-sitting the young'uns. The Hoggetts would like some captions, pretty please.
  • And speaking of cats, the Post Editor has a couple. (Or a couple have the Post Editor.) Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty is branching out into the Arts. At least, that was her excuse when we came home to find that our living room had been yarn-bombed. Read her Artist's Statement. We think it's a lot of baloney, but if the Guggenheim calls, we'll pretend we didn't say that.
  • Awix has been to the cinema, and learned things. He offers comments on what is appropriate and otherwise about the latest action film.
  • We have puzzles, as always. At least, we have them, now that the Editor managed to pull an underhanded trick to get one word past the filther. Bluebottle and those other IoW speakers are completely innocent of all evil intent, but if you notice that 'typo', be kind, and just remember: in German, 'Mist' means 'manure'. One language's rude is another's completely inoffensive.
  • September's Create Challenge is 'Ringing the Changes'. FWR has a set of images demonstrating that, when it comes to the arts, there is both change and continuity. As it should be.
  • Cumbria
  • Twitter's a sign of change, right? Maybe even an agent of change? The other week, h2g2 submitted a suggested message to Voyager, the tiny unhumaned ship headed out into the interstellar void. . . and some of us got to thinking. Who's out there? Should we send them our home address? Might they send us junk mail in return – or worse, land on our doorsteps with a thump? If you look around in this issue, you'll find a couple of different takes on that idea. Spontaneously generated, because great minds think alike. . . of course they do. . .
  • We have other snark in here, but no more cats. We've decided to give you a two-cat limit this week: you're being cut off, because the bartender thinks you've had enough. Go look at the nice monkey again.
  • I have gratuitous advice, as usual.
  • Benjaminpmoore is back to tell us what to do when everything's not okay. Please read Ben's essay, and give him your thoughts. We were deeply unhappy to read about Ben's housing issue: if you have any thoughts on that, definitely let him know. We're keeping our fingers crossed here.

So much to read, comment on, and get inspired by. And only a week to do it in. Better get busy.

And enjoy your week, my friends!

PS: People are always fussing at me about forgetting 'milestones', and I've done it again. A couple of weeks ago, I turned the odometer over on Gheorgheniplex. According to my numbering system, which is probably as off as Nigel's neural patterns, this week is #402. Which means only one thing: I owe you Post readers profound thanks for putting up with the Brightling aliens for this long. You are magnificently forebearing. Alas, the torture will continue. Note to Cactuscafé: your suggestion will be featured in the 18 September cartoon. Many, many people have contributed ideas to G'plex over the years: we're talking about collective guilt, here.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

(With and without monkeys)
  • Crowned Monkey by Willem.
  • Uncle Fluff the babysitter.



  • Molly's art installation.


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