Create September 2017 Challenge: Ringing the Changes

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Create September 2017 Challenge: Ringing the Changes

Create Challenge September 2017

The world around us is changing all the time, whether it's autumn fruit ripening, or a new housing estate being built down the road. The modern world seems to be changing faster than ever, with constant technological advances. Of course, we change too.

So tell us about the changes in your life:

  • Do you embrace new ideas and new technology, or would you like to retreat to a cabin in the woods?
  • What changes have you made recently?
  • Have you learned another language or taken up a new sport?
  • Have you changed your career in the middle?
  • Are there changes you would like to make?
  • Are you planning to move to another town or even another country? Even if you're not planning, you can always dream.

You'd rather show than tell? Send us artworks and photographs. Write a poem or song. We're flexible. We just want to know.

Tell us about change. Want to write a Guide Entry? (The Guide Editors ask hopefully.) Talk about things that changed in the world, or that are changing, or that may change soon. How do new ideas, discoveries, inventions, change life as we know it>? There are many topics to choose from.


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