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Posted: 24th April 2017

What are you looking at?

A rooster watching through a fence. What are you looking at? You talking to us? Of course you are, that's why we're here. And like the rooster there, some of the denizens of this week's issue belong behind a fence.

A few minutes ago, Your Editor was browsing in Twitter. A retweeted tweet (does that require a microwave?) carried a warning: 'This media may contain sensitive material. Your media settings are configured to warn you when media may be sensitive.' Well, okay, I thought. I clicked to let my sensitivity be assaulted. It turned out to be a photo of Jesus hugging the US president in the Oval Office. I suspected photoshop. However, I believe anybody that works in that office needs all the help they can get. I'm not offended, just amused.

We probably need a few warning stickers this week. And it's my fault: I went along with 'The Devil Made Me Do It' as a Create challenge for April. I'm not really sorry, it's been a lot of fun, and we thank everybody for the confessions. But we should warn you about the Prof. He claims the devil didn't really make him do this. He thought of it himself. We're not surprised. But if you think he's an idiot, tell him. The management disavows all responsibility here.

The devil definitely got into Bluebottle and SashaQ. You will recall that last week, both of them were talking to those passive-aggressive chatbots. This week. . . wait for it. . . the chatbots are talking to each other. Guess who introduced them? Do you remember when Marvin the Paranoid Android had a conversation with the Frogstar Robot Class D? Well, you may get a sense of déjà vu here. You're going to enjoy all this devilment.

Get it out of your systems, folks: come the First of May, we're going to go all high-minded on you and make you think up ways to improve the world.
Two cats watching through a window.
More spaces to watch this week: those kittehs would get very excited about Willem's gorgeous birdie. Fortunately for the birdie, the kittehs are very far away from South Africa. Read, enjoy, learn.

Awix returns to rave about how much he likes the latest Fast and Furious movie, I think it's Number Infinity. He's on at me about how he's going to review a 'feminist cannibal movie' next week, which he supposes I will like better. . . I felt obscurely insulted by this, but had to admit that I did indeed enjoy the only feminist cannibal movie I'd ever seen.

Theodore Roosevelt has a horse. He's on a statue. Throw snark and pigeon poop. He deserves it. I explain why Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania, used to be a den of iniquity.

Freewayriding isn't being devilish or snarky or immature this week. He's being lyrical and thoughtful and inspirational. We thank him for reminding us that the h2g2 Post isn't always juvenile. Please take a moment to share his vision of the Great Departure Lounge. It's a brilliant tribute to a friend.

As with Jesus showing up in the Oval Office, we don't really need a sensitivity alert for any of this. We aren't made of brown sugar, and we won't melt in the rain. It's just the Post being the Post: infinite diversity in infinite combinations. All our moods together. Come on and look: we'll look back.

Enjoy that spring weather out there (and Willem, don't get cold!), and remember to send more Stuff!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Marico Sunbird by Willem.
  • Teddy Roosevelt equestrian statue.



  • Sinful Bedford Springs.
  • The Damascus Room.

(It's bound to get better!)
  • Create April  Challenge 2017.
  • A cuneiform tablet and a question about the Flood story.

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