Professor Animal Chaos Escapes from the Asylum

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We've said it before with this Challenge: Don't try this at home. Performed by professional idiots.

Professor Animal Chaos Escapes from the Asylum

A man wearing a straightjacket in court looks at the Judge and a giant pigeon in the dock, and thinks, 'Jones knew one day he'd get pigeon man... one day...'

Ed.Note:The Prof says, 'Didn't need the devil. This actually happened.' We believe it, because we know the Prof.

Many moons ago, in a nearby city, there was a large hospital and it had a unit for psychological patients and for mental breakdowns, etc1.

Local folk used its name in referral as the "nuthouse" (with no disrespect of course2).

One day (in my teens) I was passing a telephone kiosk near home (the old red box type) and an evil thought appeared to me and I entered the phone box, put the required money into the slot and phoned, said, "Establishment."

A receptionist asked, "Can I be of help?"

I said, "Could you please tell me if there's anyone in room 25 on the second floor?" (This was a risk! I'd no idea if there WAS a room 25 or even a 2nd floor).

Her reply was, "I'll just check, please hold the line. . ." She came back and said, "No, there isn't!"

My reply was, "Good: I've escaped, then!"

The lady said, "Please wait where you are, there's a police officer coming to see you –"

I said, "Do you think I'm THAT stupid, after I just escaped?"

I moved away from the phone and sat on someone's low garden wall a short distance away, lit a cigarette and waited – lo and behold! a short time later, a police officer on a motorbike came and inspected the phone-box, then rode off.

My thoughts were: The receptionist didn't have a clue about someone "taking the mickey" and that calling the police/tracing the number costs money and WAS I an actual escapee?

I'm still free3!

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Prof Animal Chaos

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1Or people with PTSD from meeting Professor Animal Chaos.2This is the Prof's usual phrase when being completely un-PC. He thinks it's a 'get of jail free' card, although I frequently protest that the phrase is more like a warning label. You are warned.3We're not sure for how long.

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