Create April 2017 Challenge: The Devil Made Me Do It

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Create April 2017 Challenge: The Devil Made Me Do It

Create April 2017 Challenge

Admit it: Sometimes, you just have evil impulses.

Sometimes, a tiny voice whispers, 'Oh, why not?'

Are these good ideas? Bad ideas? Creativity, or the irresistible pull of a naughty thought? Tell us about it! Take us into your thought processes. Polish off your favourite chuckleworthy anecdote. Maybe it wasn't your fault. Perhaps you were just along for the ride. Share your stories this month!

Headed for the Edited Guide? We want to know:

  • What events, trends, or mass disturbances seem to have originated with the gods of disorder and chaos? What happened?
  • Who were the most famous/infamous miscreants of history? Can you describe the key moments of their careers?
  • What were the guilty pleasures of the past?
  • Did any good come of all this troublemaking?
  • Do you have any 'how-to' suggestions for creative mischief?

Remember: use this challenge wisely! We're not recommending that you actually do anything illegal, immoral, or fattening. But if you did, we'd love to hear about it!


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