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Posted: 10th October 2016

Festive Fall

The bill of fare at the local fair. Oh, yeah, that scarecrow looks cheerful. HE hasn't been sampling any of those Amish-style doughnuts, believe us. It takes two hands to hold one. The doughnut holes would be quite sufficient on their own, and yeah, they do sell them. What? Of course we didn't eat any. Your Editor is not suicidal, and as one vendor dismissively said, 'If you have to worry about stuff like celiac, you'd better give it all a miss.' We agreed with him, and avoided the wares on display at what we've christened Junk Food Alley. However, h2g2 has photographic evidence of why the US is contributing to the wobble in the planetary orbit: it's all that fried dough and such. Check out the pictures, they'll have you eating salad all week.

Local fairs are a sure sign of October (surer than Columbus Day, which we all sort of avoid talking about these days, for numerous reasons), but there are others, and they're all here in this week's Post. In UK travel news, SashaQ decided to make a return trip down Eastleigh way to catch up on some zebras, and finally snag that yearned-for selfie with Charlotte Yonge, h2g2's favourite novelist. You'll want to see the pics.

FWR is keeping a sharp eye on those French truckers. Take a look at what he saw, and help caption it.

Willem and I both have birds to show you: both pretty (though Willem's is more colourful), both are in our neighbourhoods, and both are shy. Neither are safe from the h2g2 bird paparazzi.

October is the spookiest month, Create-wise. We want your 'strange but true' adventures. The Post helps get you in the mood with odd facts, weird pre-steampunk scifi, and NASA's explanation of astrology. (Yes, they have one. It is interesting.) Awix gets with the spooky theme, too: he's reviewing a horror movie with a very unusual setting.

Milla over at Ops was reluctant at first to give details of her extraordinary past, but you know how ruthless Your Editor is in the pursuit of a story. Those tabloid journalists have nothing on me. After a few minutes of my relentless badgering, Milla started talking, and the amazing revelations just kept coming. Find out about the haunted dining room. Thrill to the stories of her family's spooky experiences – enough to make another one of those movies, maybe Paranormal Activity XLII: Swedish Dumplings. You'll understand it all once you've read the tale. Express your thoughts, and prepare to send in your own ghostly yarns to the Post.

Next week, FWR will reveal why his dreams would terrify Stephen King.

Have a good week out there, and keep those emails coming, folks!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Black Cheeked Waxbill by Willem.
  • Petunia the sparrow.



  • A row of lorry cabs.
  • A dashboard from yesteryear.


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